Heart Breakfast's Snuggery Service

Sometimes all you want is a good cuddle! That's why New York’s Jackie Samuel has set up her own snuggle business. Inspired, Kevs setting up a Heart Breakfast Snuggery, right here in Cambridgeshire.

Heart Breakfast’s very own Kev is Cambridgeshire’s greatest cuddler and he’s willing to put it to the test.

Kev will be establish his own Snuggery in the Heart Breakfast studio and use his hugging powers to give you a break from the hustle and bustle of life to focus on the simple pleasure of a snuggle.

The rate is just £1 per cuddle, all proceeds go to our Have A Heart Appeal charity.

Perhaps you’re a great cuddler and you think you could give Kev a run for his money?

Maybe you’re having a busy week and you’d just like a great, big, comfy hug? Kev’s cuddle service is now open for business

Register to come to the Heart studios and have a snuggle from Heart Breakfast’s Kev Lawrence here! Text 'Music', 'cuddle' and your name to 82122.