Kev and Ros's New Year Horoscopes

Kev and Ros spoke to Astrologer Cosmic Katie to find out what is in the stars for you in 2012.

Will 2012 be your best year yet? There is only one way to find out..Look at your star signs!

Kev and Ros spoke to Astrologer Cosmic Katie to find out what is in the stars for you in 2012.


Finances will be top of your priorities to sort out this year and restore some balance.

Watch out for some interesting twists and turns in your love life, with a big decision to make by Autumn.  Friends from your past will make a re-appearance, be careful who you re-introduce back into your life.



What you thought you wanted a few months ago is no longer high on your list of priorities and you are changing beyond recognition.

Be careful of being restless in love, say what you feel, don’t keep people dangling.  Money and popularity will dominate the first part of this year. Attention from an admirer will keep you on your toes!



Changes at work will dominate the next few months – pull out all the stops to show them what you are capable of. If attached romantically your relationship will be taken to the next level.

Single Gemini’s can expect lots of fun and attention but be true to yourself about what you really want.



Much of your emotional torment is finally calming down but the focus will now be on your home – move or improve!! Look at all options before you decide. Finances will improve but you must focus on clearing your debts first. Accept all social invitations, it’s going to be a busy year.



Recent times have been dominated by upset and destructive tendencies but at last you can bring a difficult phase to a close,you need to find in yourself to forgive and forget wherever possible.  Some excellent good luck and financial gain will come your way in the second half of the year.



There is a huge question mark looming over a certain work or personal partnership, beware of falling into a financial trap where you could end up with a lot of unwanted debt.

A new romantic relationship will come as a very big, but pleasant surprise, kick-starting the year and giving you something to really smile about.



This is the year you need to be yourself, forget about keeping up with the Jones’. Love is the big picture by Spring but beware not everyone can keep up with your sexual demands. Watch out with your finances and make sure you haven’t got unnecessary direct debits going out.



You are now in control and in charge of your own life so it’s time to grasp opportunities with both hands. Finances look to rise dramatically, just watch out for jealousy and freeloaders.  Fantastic family news will be the cause of much celebration.



Get ready for a tremendously busy year, travel will be high on the agenda and you will be making plans for a fresh start. If single there will be admirers in abundance. A work offer in the summer months will put your head in a spin.



You are entering a year of positive achievements – love and romance will be very important, especially when you find yourself finally with the person that pushes all your buttons.  Just make sure you give yourself a breather and book a holiday.



You will have the best opportunity of all this year to expand your interests and increase your finances. You live life on a knife edge and a complicated love triangle may develop.  A career opportunity will prove interesting – trust your gut instincts.



You will steam through the first half of this year and will clear out all the deadwood be that so called ‘friends’ or financial baggage. A promotion or new job will take precedence – just trust yourself you can do it. Luck, love and friendship will be yours for the taking this year.

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