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6th September 2012

All this week on Heart Breakfast, as the kids have gone back to school, we have been doing 'Show and Tell'. And today it was the turn of Newreader Ashleigh Carroll. She brought in a Rap that she wrote when she was 11 years old - she still has the original copy of it. But the amazing thing was that she could do the rap, without hardly having to look at the words! So, we wanted to know this morning, what things have you always remembered?

Charlene - Difficulty - Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F F I, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L T Y!

Christine, from Colchester - 'Never Eat Shredded Wheat' - North South East West!

Sara - Because - 'Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephant'! I still use it.

Patrick, from Stanford Le Hope - I'm 60 now but still remember from school... 'May Veronica Eat More Jam Sandwiches Under New Potatoes'! The planet's in order, outwards from the sun.

Some great ones there that I shall now try and remember!

Anyway, tomorrow, it's the final turn of 'Show and Tell' and it'll be our showbiz editor Charlie Girling. Tune in at 7.30am to find out what she brings in for us all to see!

Speak to you tomorrow,



3rd September 2012

So last night was the big Olly Murs gig at Hylands House in Chelmsford! Essex boy Olly was back in his hometown to perform in front of thousands last night and we were lucky enough to be backstage! Martin and Su caught up with Olly in his dressing room, just before he was going on stage, and you can see the interview here plus see loads of pictures from the gig by clicking here.

Also this morning, and all this week, it is 'Heart Breakfast's Show and Tell Week'! Since it's time for the kids to go back to school, we thought we would too. So, like we used to at school, each day one of us will bring something in for show and tell. Today was Martin's turn and he brought in his remote control helicopter in to show us! He was very pleases and excited to have it at work with him (I was surprised he even remembered his 'homework'). But Su and I thought it was a bit childish to have it at his age! What do you think?

Tomorrow morning it's Su's turn, I wonder what she will bring in?

Find out about 7.30am tomorrow. Speak to you then,



28th August 2012

Well welcome back to work, and we welcomed back Su this morning too after her week off camping! And what a Bank Holiday weekend it was for us here in Essex! I'm sure you heard about the #EssexLion that was 'on the loose'. If you didn't you can read all about it here, but (surprise, surprise) the search has been called off and it is believed that it was just a regular cat! It all seems a bit silly to me but Martin did say 'it will make me be more cautious when I'm walking the dog now' haha! 

Now, all this week we are giving you the chance to win tickets to see Olly Murs in concert, this weekend, at Hylands House in Chelmsford! Yep, Olly is coming home and, i've no doubt, that the concert is going to be fantastic! Pixie Lott and Diana Vickers will also be there performing and if you tune in all this week (around 7.30am shh) you'll hear how you can win. Don't worry if you miss it though because if you click here, there is another chance to win a pair of tickets! Hopefully see you there!

Speak to you in the morning then (maybe around 7.30am if you're the lucky one),



22nd August 2012

Morning! It's still just Martin and I here at the moment but I pretty sure Su would have downloaded the brand new Heart App for her phone so that she can listen to us whilst camping! To find out about the App, and for your chance to win an iPhone 4s, click here.

Now, this morning we found out that Dallas will be making a return to our TV screens - which, Martin says, will excite you if you are an 80s child! It got us thinking, what other things make you an 80s child? Here is what you said...

Jane - Everyone was wearing leg warmers.

Len - You remember being on CB radio!

Claire - You have a t-shirt with the slogan 'Frankie Says Relax' on it.

Mandy - You remember when men and women had perms!

How do you know that you were an 80s child? I know Martin was... he still wears the same clothes lol!

Anyway, see you in the morning,



20th August 2012

Hello you, I'm back! Sorry for the delay in an update but I had a few days off for my best mates wedding (I was best man) and it was lovely! But, i'm back now but... Su is off for a week. She has headed off to Dorset for a camping holiday so it's just Martin and I on the show this week!

I hope you've been enjoying the lovely weather we've been having (and you're not too sun burnt)! Since the weather has been so nice, I decided to build an allotment at my house to grow my own veg and herbs! Martin doesn't think it'll last 5 minutes because of the work I will have to out into - we shall have to wait and see - but Martin was wondering what other hobbies people started that didn't last very long...

Jean, from Harlow - Dieting lol!

Sam, Rochford - Knitting. I started lots of things but never finished them.

Steve, Baddow - I started collecting the bits to 'build a ship' from a magazine. That lasted 5 minutes lol!

I'm determined to keep my allotment going! I'll keep you posted.

Now, if you were at V Festival this weekend (or even if you weren't), then check out our photo gallery of the great weekend in Chelmsford by clicking here.

Also, finally, here's a little 'LOL' for today if you haven't seen it yet. Martin and I love it... it's Mo Farah running away from things! You HAVE to see it!

See you in the morning,



13th August 2012

So, last night was a fantastic end to a great 2 weeks of sport! Although it was a late night, I stayed up right to the end and thought that there was a bit for everyone in the Closing Ceremony! What was your favourite bit?

Also this morning we asked the questions 'When you're older, what will you show your grandchildren?' Su said she's show them all her pictures from her London to Paris bike ride. Bradley, from Kent, is only 14yrs old but already knows what he would show to his grandchildren...


I think these Olympics really have 'Inspires a Generation' - make sure you take a look at some of the Olympic Best Moments here.

Have a great day,



10th August 2012

Well, all this week Su has been saying "I could do <insert sport here> at the 2016 Olympics"! She's mentioned shooting, swimming, trampolining, and yesterday, she said mountain biking! Well, Martin and I thought that maybe she would be able to jump on a bike and train to compete in the mountain biking in four years time. So, we surprised her this morning by bringing an exercise bike for her to have her first training session. 

You can listen back to how it all went but downloading the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast. (Where you'll also find out what Su has got stuck in her house forever)! And also, head over to our Heart Essex Facebook Page to see some pictures.

Whilst Su was doing her training we wanted to make it as realistic as possible, like she actually was on a mountain. So, she might get hit by some tree branches and it may start raining. Here's how we made it as realistic as possible...

Don't forget all this weekend we are celebrating Team GBs success at the Olympics by having a party! All weekend you'll be able to hear the best party songs to help you celebrate a fantastic past 2 weeks for Great Britain.

Enjoy the weekend, we'll see you back here Monday morning,


8th August 2012

WOW, Team GB just keep getting better and better! The most Gold medals we've had in 104 years! I can't believe it's going to end on Sunday, I think we should just keep it going on and on and on! The fact we are doing so well make this prize even better... You could win a Team GB kit which includes a Cap signed by a member of Team GB! Click here to find out how.

This morning Su, once again, tried to tell us what sport she thinks she'll be able to train and compete in for the 2016 Olympics! So far we've had to tell her she won't be able to do synchronised swimming, canoeing and shooting. This morning it was the turn of the Triathlon - lol! She thinks, just because she cycled from London to Paris, she'd be able to put in a good effort in that event for Team GB in 4 years time. Don't worry, we let her down gently. No doubt she would've thought of something different by tomorrow. What do you think you could do?

Tomorrow we'll have another chance for you to win VIP tickets to see Jessie J at Newmarket Nights! It's already sold out so make sure you're listening just before 7.30am for your chance to win.

Speak to you in the morning,



6th August 2012

Hope you had a fantastic weekend, Martin and Su did. They were at the 'Greatest 80s Party Ever' at Audley end on Saturday night and Martin went back on Sunday to for 'The Last Night at the Audley End Proms'! Also, Su ,managed to watch Tom Daley training for his Diving at Garrons, in Southend, she said that "he had lovely teeth" - I'm not sure all women noticed that ;)

I just enjoyed watching the Olympics and, here's a game for you, how many Celebrities/Royalty did you spot? Take a look here to see who we spotted and let us know if you spot anyone!

Anyway, this morning we gave away a pair of VIP tickets to go to the sold out Adnams Newmarket Nights concert with Jessie J! We'll have another chance for you to win tomorrow by playing 'Song in a Furlong' - listen just before 7.30am for your chance.

Have a great Monday,



3rd August 2012

We're finally at the end of the week, and what a 'Great British week' it has been! The London Games are well under way and the Gold medals appear to be flowing in now. It should be another great weekend of sport with Jessica Ennis starting her journey to the podium today. And if you fancy watching an alternative Olympic sport, then make sure you watch the Heart Breakfast Pool Bombing Championship video!

This morning, we wanted to know what you do or say to get a break from the kids during the school holidays. Su admitted that she occasionally "has a headache" just so she can have a rest for a bit. Here's what you do...

Sarah, from Basilon - 'I'm diabetic so I tell my kids that I need to test my blood'

Debbie, from Southend - 'I shut myself in the toilet'

Anna, from Harlow - 'Sit them down with a drink, popcorn and a movie'

Sarah, from Ingatestone - 'Just give them some food'

Some interesting ways to get some 'me time' there! Anyway, if you fancy some time just relaxing this weekend then I have a few suggestions... Just listen to our 'Best of British' weekend and really get behind Team GB with some fantastic British music OR download the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast with all the best bits from this week, including things people are frightened are of in the kitchen and find out why Martin thinks Su has failed as a mum again!

Tomorrow night, Martin and Su will be at the Audley End 'Greatest 80s Party Ever', if you're down there make sure you say hello! And next week we have the chance for you to win a Pair of tickets to see Jessie J live at Adnams Newmarket Nights

Have a fantastic weekend,



1st August 2012

Yesterday we asked you for suggestions of some sports that should be in the Olympics that anyone, and we mean anyone, can take part in without any training at all! Well, you suggested loads of things but we chose Pool bombing!

So, you can now watch as Martin and Su compete in the 2012 Pool Bombing Championships... 

Hope you liked it! See you in the morning,



30th July 2012

Well, what a weekend! And just when you think David Beckham couldn't get any cooler... there he is driving a speedboat down the Thames! I hope you enjoyed the Opening Ceremony as much as I did. After the fantastic weekend of sport we asked you, this morning, to sum up the Olympics so far in three words. Here is what you said...

Rachael - Spine Tingling Amazing!

Rich - First Class Experience!

Jean - Best Bit, Becks!!

Heidi - Proud I'm British

Molly - I LOVE it!

Vikki - Go Team GB!

I think we get the idea of how everyone is feeling about the Olympics! Here's how I sum it up so far - 'Queen, Bond, Bean'! It's just been Amazing!

Anyway, if you would like to keep all these Olympic memories then how about winning a Team GB kit, including a signed cap by a member of Team GB! Click here to find out more!

Have a great day,



27th July 2012

Well, the big day has finally arrived. The biggest show on the planet is on tonight. I will have my eyes glued to the TV... and hope my numbers are pulled out in the Euromillions - Haha! Of course I'm talking about the Olympics opening ceremony and it's said that it is going to be 'incredible'. Make sure you let us know, on Monday morning, what you thought of it.

As it is Friday, it means you can now download the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast now! This week you can listen back to why Martin won't swim in the sea, some of our own opening ceremonies and also find out what Su has told her neighbour is 'fine to do' even though he didn't ask her! Download it here.

Now, on Monday morning we will have your first chance to win a pair of Premiere Enclosure tickets to see, the legend, Tom Jones at Adnams Newmarket Nights! All you have to do is play one of our favourite games - 'Song in a Furlong'! Just tell us what the Tom Jones song is being performed by our horse racing commentator! Listen from just before 7.30am for your chance to win.

Have a fantastic weekend - don't forget it's out 'Workout Weekend' on Heart to get you 'pumped up' for a sporting summer!






25th July 2012

Well, I'm sure by now, you've heard that Kevin won £60,000 by correctly guessing our three Who's On Heart celebrities, and now, if you click here, you can see pictures of Kevin with his champagne and also have a listen to the clips those voices came from.

Now this morning we were lucky enough to have a chat with 80s legend Carol Decker, from T'Pau! She's going to performing at the Greatest 80s Party Ever at Audley End! Take a listen to it, plus some bits you didn't hear on the show, below...

Carol Decker

And finally I would just like to say that I am so so jealous. Have you seen? David Beckham surprised some lucky members of the public - I wish it was me - take a look.

Enjoy the sun again today,


24th July 2012

Well, after 6 months and 13 days, we've had 914 competition rounds and we've had 1,263 different celebrities guessed but yesterday we had a winner! Kevin Taylor correctly identified all three well known personalities saying 'Who's On Heart' and won a massive £60,000! That means, in total, we have a £85,000 to our three winners! 

Out of all the people guessed David Hasselhoff, Madonna, Michael Buble and Arnold Schwarzengger were the most guessed people. But Kevin had the perfect day yesterday and managed to name the man saying 'On'! To fin out who it was a take a look at all three of our winners, click here.

Tomorrow morning we are going to be having a chat to 80s legend Carol Decker plus we'll give you another chance to win £500, to spend at Lakeside, by playing Feel The Fashion!

Plus, with the opening ceremony this week, I would like to know if you're opening anything for the first time this week? Fill out the form below and we could be calling you to have our very own 'opening ceremony'!

Have a great day, in the lovely hot weather again!





20th July 2012

Well we have finally reached Friday, and it's a big Friday as all the kids will be breaking up for their summer holidays! Plus, it's only one week until the start of London 2012 - I'm excited! Now, earlier in the week we asked to you come up with the OFFICIAL chant for Team GB. Well, a winner has be chosen and if you click here you can have a listen to the chant that will be motivating Team GB!

Also, as it's Friday, you can now download the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast! This week you can listen back to what help Su's "friend" needs, plus celebrity chef Aldo Zilli called in as he wasn't too pleased with something Martin had said.

Now, in case you don't already know, the Race For Life in Chelmsford has been postponed this weekend. A new date has been arranged and if you click here you'll can find out all the information. But, Martin and Su will be a the Essex Festival of Food and Drink on Sunday having a 'cook off', plus they'll be introducing Gino D'Campo! So if you're not doing anything, pop down and take a look at their cooking skills (you may even get a taste)!

Have a fantastic weekend,



18th July 2012

First of all I just want to say 'Thank You'! We've reached 25,000 'likes' on our Facebook Page. If you haven't joined us on there yet then you're missing out! You get to see some 'behind the scenes' photos of us in the studio and we sometimes give prizes away just for our Facebook fans! So head over there now and join us!

Now, you may have already seen this but it never fails to make me laugh! Essex lad Olly Murs tries to play it cool as he sings 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered', by Stevie Wonder, at one of his concerts. But it doesn't quite go to plan...


LOL! I love the bit where you just hear him saying 'I'm ok'! Haha!

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to be having a chat with celebrity chef Mark Baumann about the Essex Festival of Food and Drink!

See you in the morning,



16th July 2012

Morning! Hope you had a good weekend was good, except Race For Life in Colchester was cancelled on Sunday due to a waterlogged course. I was really looking forward to it :-( But, don't worry it has now be re-arranged for 30th September so I shall see you then.

This morning we had a very special announcement... Team GB want you to create the Official Chant for them for London 2012! How amazing is that! The Team GB cheerleaders could be chanting your chant! Click here to find out all about it.

Also this morning, we wanted you to 'spice up' the Olympic games. How could we take some of the events from the Olympics and make them even more enjoyable to watch. Here are some of your suggestions...

Rob from Rayleigh - Put snakes in the long jump pit!

Vikki form Braintree - Hurdles in flippers!

James from Colchester - Custard at the bottom of the High Jump.

Helen from Colchester - The 100m sprint, with a bungee rope attached.

Some great suggestions, just imagine how those alternative games would sound...

The Alternative Olympics

Haha! I'd love to watch that.

Anyway, have a great day. See you tomorrow morning,



13th July 2012

The weekend has finally arrived! I dunno about you, but this week seems like it's been very long. Maybe it's because of the 'lovely weather' we've been having - haha! It's meant to be sunny on Sunday (I'm not gonna get my hopes up though)!

Today we had a chat with 80s legend Midge Ure! He is going to be performing at the Audley End Greatest 80s Party Ever in August, you can find out more about that here. But this morning we learnt something new about Midge, he told us how he got the nickname Midge (because his real name is James). You can listen back to it by downloading the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast - where you can also here why Su's partner has annoyed her, by being nice! 

This weekend I am going to be at Castle Park in Colchester Race For Life. I always love these events so hopefully i shall see you down there! Lets's hope the sun does come out!

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend!



11th July 2012

This morning we learnt that Adele has reportedly recorded a CD of nursery rhymes to play to her unborn child. It's so she the baby will already be familiar with her voice when she is born. We did wonder why she couldn't just sing it 'live' all the time, but maybe it's because she wants to rework some of her great songs so that they sound like this...

Adele - Baa Baa Black Sheep

Adele - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Adele - Mary Had A Little Lamb

Wow, actually, I think she's have another number one album if she released something like that.

Anyway, enjoy listening and have a great day. See you tomorrow,



9th July 2012

Well, what a fantastic British Weekend! We had the Olympic Torch Relay here in Essex and, even though he didn't win, Andy Murray did us proud in the final at Wimbledon. Oh, and of course the weather was very British too (I didn't like that bit though)! Anyway, I got up bright and early on Saturday morning to go and see the Olympic Torch make its way through Chelmsford and it was a great turn out so early in the morning. In fact, it was a great turn out all over essex and if you didn't manage to make it out to see the Torch then you can check out all the pictures, from all over the County, by clicking here.

Now, with Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final yesterday, it was reported that tickets were selling for up to £45,000. My mum was lucky enough to have tickets and insisted that she wouldn't have sold them for any price. So, we wanted to know this morning if you would've sold the tickets...

Darren, Colchetser - I wouldn't have sold them if it was Tim Henman in the final.

Angie, Southend - I would have definitely sold them. Especially since I could watch it on TV - which was probably a better view.

Steve, Harlow - SOLD! 

Debbie, Billericay - For £120 (face value) I could've said 'I was there'! But, for 45k, I could've said 'I watch it from the Bahamas'!

So it turns out that most people (in fact everyone that contacted us) would've sold the tickets! And I with them, I would've sold!

Anyway, I didn't have them, so I didn't sell them, so I'll be back in work tomorrow morning!

Speak to you then,



6th July 2012

Well today is the day that the Olympic Torch Relay is in Essex and you have been sending us pictures form where you are, you can take a look at them all throughout today, as it travels through Essex, by clicking here! All our news reports are coming live from the Olympic Torch and you can follow us on twitter (@heartessex) to see all the pictures plus tweet us you're pictures with the hashtag EssexTorchRelay, plus you can upload your pictures to our Heart Essex Facebook Page! Also this morning we had another listen to the diary of the Olympic Torch...


Whilst you're out waiting for the Torch tomorrow, or just whilst you're relaxing on Sunday, don't forget to download the Heart Breakfast Podcast to hear all the best bits from this week. This week you'll be able to hear what Su won't trust her other half to do plus, Martin asks if I have been come a sensible old man!

Have a fantastic weekend,



5th July 2012

Only one more day until the Olympic Torch Relay finally makes it here to Essex. It starts in Colchester tomorrow morning and will then be making it's way towards Chelmsford. But, you can find out exactly where and when the torch will be near you by clicking here.

And, since the torch is nearly here, we thought we would take a listen to the diary of the Olympic Torch to see how it is preparing for Essex...


So join us tomorrow when we'll have live updates from the Torch!



2nd July 2012

Well I hope you had a fantastic weekend! We did as we were all over Essex. On Saturday, Matt MacKay from Heart Drivetime was at the Colchester Carnival with our Heart Angels, for Armed Forces Day, and, on Saturday night, Su was at Chameleon Nightclub in Southend for their beach party! you can check out all the photos (from everywhere we've been) by clicking here.

Now it is a very exciting week for Essex as the Olympic Torch Relay finally makes it here! It's going to be all over the county on Friday and Saturday and to make it nice and easy for you, we have created a page for you where you can see exactly where and when the torch will be in your area. So, if you're planning on going to see it, click here!

And what fantastic news at the weekend, Adele is pregnant! But, good news does usually mean Su will find something to moan about, and this news was no different. She said this morning that she is fed up with people keeping their baby name ideas secret! She doesn't understand why people do it, but Caroline, from Canvey, was quick to explain to her...

"I'm 5 months pregnant and we are not telling ANYONE our name choices! People always pull 'that face' if they don't really like it. Then it gives you second thoughts! Once you've had the baby, the choice is then final!"

Su still doesn't get it! (I think she just likes to be nosey)

Anyway, tomorrow, we want to know if you'd be able to order a meal for your other half - and get it right! 

Speak to you then,





29th June 2012

The last day of the working week has finally arrived and the weather is lovely too! Let's hope the sun stays out all weekend - as there is loads going on. Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day, so on the show this morning we had Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell playing a very special £1000 Minute - He was playing was charity. Click here to see the questions (and see how you would've done) and then listen back to hear about Sir Bob's chosen charity and how much he managed to win.

Also this morning we had a world exclusive! We played to you, for the very first time ever, George Michael's brand new song 'White Light', keep listening to Heart to hear it again and let us know what you think. It's been 30years since Wham! released their first song and George is still creating hits. Take at look back at his 30 years here.

This weekend there's lots of things happening in Essex. Firstly, it is the Colchester Carnival tomorrow. The Heart Angels will be down their (as will Sir Bob Russell, so congratulate him for is £1000 Minute effort)! Find out all the details about it here. And tomorrow night, Su will be at Southend's newest nightclub Chameleon, with Heart Drivetime's Matt MacKay, it should be a fantastic night (I may even be there myself)! Find out where it is and all the details here.

Finally, don't forget to download the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast - all the best bits from this week. Find out what Su thinks is making her look old and is it too early to give a Christmas present?

Have a great weekend,



27th June 2012

This morning Martin wanted to know if it was too early to give his son a Christmas present? His son wants a gaming computer and has said 'can I have it as my Christmas present, but have it now?' Su obviously thought that it was wrong and that he should just have to wait but, surprisingly, lots of you agreed with Martin. Is it ever too early to give a Christmas present?

Also we got to chat to Essex girl Stacey Solomon...

Stacey Solomon

See you in the morning,



26th June 2012

Well well well, yesterday we had our second winner for Who's On Heart! Caroline won £20,000 pounds for correctly guessing a second celebrity...


So, for say Joely Richardson, she won herself a lovely £20,000! Now it's just left for someone to win £60,000 for correctly naming all three well known celebrities. And to make things easier we now have an instant search page for you. Just type in who you think it is and find out if it's already been said before! Good luck!

Now, this morning, Martin wanted to know if you think we are all born as a 'blank canvas'  and can learn (and become good at) anything or if you are just born with certain talents! Well, Debbie from Southend had an interesting point... 

"It depends what you believe. if they have 'lived' before there will be talents there but they don't know as it is a blank canvas but as they learn things in life the comments 'been here before' or has a 'natural talent'."

Tomorrow morning we are going to be chatting to Essex girl Stacey Solomon about something new she's doing. Listen just after 8am to find out what.

See you in the morning,




21st June 2012

This morning we received an email from a listener. He wanted you to help him out with something. He is going to have 'the snip' and was reading through his booklet of what he needed to bring with him. It said to bring a 'CD to listen to whilst having the op'. Well, cue your help! We had loads of suggestions of what songs could be put on the CD which we entitles 'One Snip Wonders' (haha, see what we did there)! Anyway, take a listen below to some of the best songs you'll find on the CD...

One Snip Wonders

Plus today is Prince Williams 30th birthday! Have a looked at our thirty photos of Wills for his thirty years here.

Last day of the working week tomorrow, lets hope the weather improves!

Speak to you tomorrow,



19th June 2012

This morning Bridget, from Panfield, won a pair of tickets to see, and meet, Madness at Adnams Newmarket Nights this Friday! To win, all she had to do was pick the winner form a camel race Martin and Su took part in. We went down to Adventure Island in Southend for the 'Heart Breakfast Stakes'! Martin's camel was called 'Tango' and Su's 'Mr Grey, Take a look to see who won...

For more information about Adnams Newmarket Nights, click here! And keep listening to Heart Breakfast for more chance to win tickets.

Have a great day,




15th June 2012

We were all very tired this morning as last night we were at the 'Heart Heroes Awards'! It's a fantastic night to recognise the county's unsung heroes! Martin and Su hosted the night and handed out awards to some really amazing Essex people. Here are all our winners...

Heart Essex Heroes 2012

Make sure you check out all the pictures from the night, and a bit more about the winners, just click here.

Now, I don't know about you but, this week has seemed really long! After that lovely 3 day week last week, this one has gone on and on! But, the weekend is finally here - yay! However, that does mean that there is no Heart Breakfast for a couple of days. Don't worry though, I have the Heart Breakfast Podcast ready for you to download which includes all the best bits, including 'The Adult Test' which (I can't believe) I failed!

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend!



12th June 2012

So this morning Martin and Su made me take 'The Adult Test'! You have to score at least 10 out of 15 to officially be a grown up! I only scored 9, so I'm not an adult, but how grown up are you...

The Adult Test

1 - Having a Mortgage
2 - Mum and dad no longer make your financial decisions
3 - Paying into a pension
4 - Conducting a weekly food shop
5 - Written a Will
6 - Having children
7 - Budgeting every month
8 - Being able to cook an evening meal from scratch
9 - Getting married
10 - Having life insurance
11 - Recycling
12 - Having savings account
13 - Knowing what terms like 'ISA' and 'tracker' mean
14 - Watching the news
15 - Owning a lawn mower 

So how well did you do? Or what do you think actually makes you an adult? I can't believe that all I need to do is own a lawn mower to become an adult! I'm so close, yet so far - haha!

Don't forget, we announced it yesterday, that you could now win £20,000 for guessing a second celebrity on Who's On Heart and if you haven't yet seen then extra hint, then click here!

Speak to you tomorrow,



11th June 2012

Well, well, well, we had a special announcement this morning about Who's On Heart. We had no idea what it was going to be until the boss sent us a text message! Here is what he sent...

Text from the boss about Who's On Heart

You'll be able to see what the extra hint is by clicking here.

Also this morning, we learnt that 1 in 8 woman will buy an item of clothing, wear it, then return it! That's shocking (well Martin and I thought so, Su admitted to doing it before)! That's terrible, have you ever done that? I'm sure men would never do it! Anyway,have a fantastic day - let's hope the sun comes out soon!




6th June 2012

Welcome back to the (very short) working week. Hope you had a fantastic four days off and enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations. I felt very proud to be British over the weekend. We do 'pomp and ceremony' very well and I enjoyed watching all of the celebrations on the TV all day! Make sure you check out all our Jubilee celebrations pictures here

Su noticed, whilst watching, that the Queen always had her handbag with her. So, she asked the question this morning 'What do you think the Queen has in her handbag?'. Here's what you said...

£50 note for I.D

There were lots of other suggestions but, c'mon, the Queens handbag is not that big! Anyway, I guess we'll never know whats in it. 

Finally, I just want to share this picture with you, it's my favourite one that I saw all weekend...

The Queen

Have a fantastic day,



1st June 2012

It's finally here, a four day weekend! What will you be doing for the Queens Diamond Jubilee? Well, if you are stuck for ideas, we have put together loads of information about what is going in in Essex. Click here to see what events are going on.

Also, this morning, we thought we would take a loo back at what Essex was like in 1952 - the year the Elizabeth became Queen. It's amazing how things have changed, or not...

The Only Way is 1952

Plus, did you know that the Queen has visited Essex loads of times during her reign. We've got a gallery of pictures to see where in the county she has been. Just click here to take a look.

Now, I know you're going to find if difficult without us over the next four days but don't worry. You can download the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast, with all the best bits from the last week! And, you are going to love this weekend, we are going to be playing the Best of British music all weekend to help you celebrate the Jubilee!

We will be back on Wednesday morning when we will be chatting to our showbiz editor to find out all the gossip from the Jubilee concert AND we have some tickets for you to win to go and see one of the best British groups, Mcfly!

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30th May 2012

This morning we had Michael Winslow on the show! Who? I hear you ask. Well, he is the man of 10,000 sound effects from the Police Academy films! His sfx are amazing! Take a listen back to Martin and Su having a chat with him below and then don't forget to check out the Lost In Showbiz Leaderboard to see where he sits!

Michael Winslow

Tomorrow, we want to know - What do you think the Queen has never done?

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29th May 2012

This morning we found out the top ten diet triggers. So, in reverse order...

10. Attending a Special party
9. A Good friend loses weight and looks amazing
8. Attending a wedding
7. Feeling self-conscious when swimming
6. Preparing for a holiday abroad
5. Looking through old photos and seeing how much weight you have put on since
4. Finding you have to buy a bigger drew size
3. Realising you couldn't ft into a favourite pair of jeans
2. Catching a glimpse of yourself in a shop window or mirror

And the number one reason that most triggers people to change their lifestyle is...

1. Being shocked at how big you look in a photograph!

I completely agree with most of them - lol! I am currently trying to lose a bit of weight for my best mates wedding (reason number 8).

Now, tomorrow, we are going to chatting to Michael Winslow - the guy that makes all of the sound effects in the Police Academy films - that should be fun!

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25th May 2012

We are having some fantastic weather at the moment aren't we! So, over the weekend, while you are relaxing in the garden having a bit of a sunbathe, why not listen to all the best bits from Heart Breakfast this week. You can download the latest Heart breakfast Podcast and hear about unreasonable teenage tantrums, Would people sell or keep the Olympic torch? Plus, Martin and Su's interview with Lawson! Click here to download it now!

Now this morning we exclusively revealed that Diana Vickers would be joining Olly Murs and Pixie Lott at the concert in Hylands Park on September the 2nd. Martin and Su had a chat with her this morning so take a listen to what she has planned for the concert...

Diana Vickers

Now, there are loads of events happening this weekend! Of course you have the airshow in Southend and Duxford - where you'll be able to see the Heart Angels. Plus, Su will be at the Colne Valley Bike Ride for Essex Air Ambulance! Also, there is a Race For Life in Brentwood where you'll be able to see Matt McKay from Heart Drivetime!

Have a fantastic weekend! (Don't forget to use suncream)



23rd May 2012

This morning we had some special guests joining us for a chat. Lawson are a fantastic new pop rock band, and their debut single 'When She Was Mine' is out this weekend! But this morning Martin and Su wanted to learn a but more about the boys and also test them in a round of Lost In Showbiz. Listen back to how the band got it's name below and then don't forget to check out the Lost In Showbiz Leaderboard to see where the boys are...


We shall be back tomorrow morning with another chance for you to win a fantastic European break by playing 'Heart Breakfast's Secret City Breaks'!

Enjoy the weather and I'll speak to you tomorrow!




22nd May 2012

So, the Olympic flame is here, in the UK, and making its way around the country but... Have you seen how much money people are selling their torch for on ebay!? OMG, there is one where the bidding is currently up too about £130,000! WOW! So this morning, we wanted to know if you would keep it or sell it if you were running with the torch. Here is what Essex Olympic Torch Bearer Louise, from Saffron Walden, had to say...


We also wanted to know what 'Essex' would do, and here are the results...

90% - Sell It

10% - Keep It

Hmmm, i'm with the 90% - c'mon, it's £130,000!

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to be chatting to Lawson! They will be playing a round of Lost in Showbiz - I wonder how well they will do?

Speak to you in the morning,



18th May 2012

Another week is over but fear not, you can download the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast now to listen to over the weekend. This week you can hear what embarrassing questions kids have been asking plus, Martin wants to know if you have a favourite mirror? Click here to download it!

This morning we found this great video. You know the game 'Wheel of Fortune'? Well, in the American version, a university student hand to complete the word. These are the letters he had: MAG_C _AND. Take a look at what happened...

How did he not get it?

Anyway, Su and Martin will be in Harlow this weekend for the Race For Life. So if you are taking part make sure you say hello to them and we'll have loads of pictures for you on Monday morning. If you haven't signed up for one of the events yet you still can, just click here.

Hope you have a great weekend,]



17th May 2012

So, there has still only been one winner (Katie) on Who's On Heart, she guessed one of our celebrities correctly and won £5,000! That means you can still won £10,000 for correctly guessing another one of our secret celebrities and the jackpot of £60,000 pounds is yours if you guess all three correct! Now, we've had a think of what you could do and I think you need to see this...

Now, imagine doing that with 60,000 £1 coins! It would be amazing to see (but take a long time)! 

Anyway, tomorrow, we want to know if when you go to a party and take your own drink, do you just drink that or share it with everyone and drink something someone else brought? Guess what Su does...haha!

Speak to you in the morning,




15th May 2012

This morning we found out an amazing fact that sound unbelievable when you think about (but honestly, it's true)! If you start with a penny and double it everyday for 30 days you will end up with millions of pounds! You have to work it out to believe it, but I promise it's true! 

Also this morning Su, once again, has decided to do something that Martin thinks is a bad idea. She wants a dog but her boyfriend, Sinclair, doesn't. So, what she said she is going to do is 'while he is away, my daughter and I are just going to buy one and it'll be here when he gets back'. Well, lots of people contacted us to tell Su that she shouldn't do it and even Hayley, from Basildon, had a past experience that she wanted to warn Su about, as it could happen to her...

Hayley from Basildon

I'll keep you up to date with that then - lol!

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11th May 2012

Woohoo, it's Friday! Don't worry though, if you think you'll miss us over the weekend, you can download the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast and listen to all the best bits from this week. Find out why Martin thinks Su has reached an all time low and also how many times James Bond should have died! Head over to our Podcast Page to download it.

Yesterday Martin and Su went to Arriva Buses in Southend to launch the two buses that have been named after them! Keep an eye out, you could be riding on Martin or Su soon...

Martin Day with his Arriva BusSu Harrison with her Arriva Bus

Have a great weekend,



10th May 2012

So, I'm sure you've heard by now but yesterday Katie correctly guessed one of our secret celebrities on Who's On Heart and is now a lovely £5,000 richer! Wow! Next up is £10,000 for the first person to correctly guess a second celebrity and, of course, that jackpot of £60,000 for the person who correctly names all three of our, well known, secret celebrities! Don't forget to take a look at all of the wrong guesses so far by clicking here.

This morning Su got the opportunity to do something that she loves but hasn't done since she was a kid. Tap Dancing! Yep, she has been invited to join an adult tap dancing class but wonders if it's a bit of a childish hobby? What do you think?

Martin and Su are now off to Southend-On-Sea to visit Arriva buses. Why? because they have had some busses named after them and they are going to the launch of them for some photos! Soon you'll be able to see 'Martin' and 'Su' driving around Southend - you'll even be able to have a ride on them (I bet you never thought that, haha).

Tomorrow is Friday - what a lovely short week it's been,

Speak to you then,



8th May 2012

Welcome back, hope you had a nice long Bank Holiday weekend! Don't worry, it's only a four day week so not long until we'll be at the weekend again!

Now, look at what was in the studio when we arrived this morning...

Who's On Heart Envelopes

So, we followed the instructions and opened them at 8am to reveal that... If you correctly guess one of the celebrities on Who's On Heart you will now win £5,000! If you correctly guess two you'll win £10,000 and the jackpot still stand at £60,000! Sooo much money for you to win! Don't forget to take a look at all the wrong guesses here.

Good Luck!

Have a good day,



4th May 2012

Happy Star Wars Day - May the Forth be with you! Lol! Not only that, it's a Bank Holiday weekend! That mean we have 3 days off and won't be back until Tuesday but don't worry, you can download all the best bits from this week on the Heart Breakfast Podcast!

Also, today marks the 2 weeks that Martin and Su have been car sharing to work! I know, 2 weeks is much longer than both you and I thought it would last! Anyway, here is an update for you... they love it so much that they are going to keep doing it! Yep, Martin and Su are getting on and happily sharing lifts to and from work (has anyone spotted pigs in the sky yet, haha)! 

Now, when we're back Tuesday we have a big announcement for you! Make sure you're listening to us at 8am (you don't want to miss it)!

Have a great Back Holiday Weekend!



2nd May 2012

This morning we heard some wise words from Selma and Kenny! Who are they? Well, they have been together for 72 years and recorded a video for their grandson with five tips on how to survive a long relationship! It's about time we listened to more advice from our elders, so here is the video. Listen carefully to the wonderful advice...

How brilliant are they? After hearing this we wanted to know the best advice you have ever been given and I'd like to forward on the advice Fiona from Southend, was given by her Great Aunt about jealousy - 'A man is like a piece of soap, the harder you squeeze, the more likely he'll slip through your fingers'! 

Today, we are off on a work outing! It's a bit like a school trip, as everyone here at Heart Towers are heading up to London on the train to go and see 'Wicked'! I can't wait, i'm sure it will be wicked - haha (see what I did there)! We'll let you know how it was tomorrow morning!

Speak to you in the morning,



30th April 2012

Welcome back to the working week AND... please welcome the Sun back! Where has it been? The weather was rubbish at the weekend but there was still a great turn out at the Maldon Mud Race! I went down to watch the (crazy) people take part. I did it a few years ago and would never EVER do it again. But well done to everyone who took part on Sunday. It's one of those things that is good to say 'I've done that'. If you haven't, then make sure you do next year!

This morning, Martin found out that he could buy an old British red telephone box! Cool idea, but what could he do with it? Here are some of the best suggestions...

Sheri - A Spray Tanning Booth

Gloria - A Fish Tank

Sue - An Oudoor shower

David - A Fridge/Freezer

Thinking about it, those ideas are fantastic! Imagine showering in a telephone box in your garden (maybe by the hot-tub if you have one)!

Anyway, tomorrow, Martin wants to know when the 'emotional moments' with your children stop? His daughter started her first full-time job today and his wife felt emotional! When will it stop? How many more emotional moments are there to come?

Let us know

Speak to you tomorrow,




26th April 2012

Well this morning we saw the most beautiful face in Britain! No, seriously - 18 year old Florence Colgate has been given that title. Scientists have worked out, using maths and symmetry, that her face is perfect. Head over to our Facebook Page now to see if you think she is stunning or not!

Also this morning we learnt that a 'Granny Nav' is going to be created for the elderly. It will direct them on their route using locations that they would be more familiar with. Here is what we think it will sound like...

The Granny Nav 

Now, it's the last day of the week for me - I'm off to Wales for a friends wedding! But Martin and Su are back tomorrow when they will be telling you what the top things are that people argue about in the bedroom.

Have a great day,



25th April 2012

Well isn't this weather just rubbish! The sun keeps teasing us and popping out for a few minutes and then 'boom' the rain starts pouring down again! It doesn't seem it's going to get any better either. £60,000 would cheer you up, and that's what you could win on Who's On Heart! Who would you tell first if you did win the money?

Now, this morning we have had a 'clear desk policy' start here at Heart Towers and when we arrived this morning it looked very eerie in the office downstairs...

Clear Desk Policy

Su loves how it looks and has decided that when she has her new kitchen built, she is going to have the same policy! She will have nothing on the side in her kitchen. No toaster, no bread bin, no tea/coffee pots, nothing! I think it'll look like a show home and not very 'homely'! What do you think? 

Speak to you tomorrow - let's hope the weather's better then!



23rd April 2012

Happy St George's Day and also congratulations to anyone that took part in the London Marathon yesterday!

Now, this morning we got to speak to Aston and JB from boyband JLS! Take a listen to what they were on the phone for...


Alexandra Burke is also going to be at the concert with them! For all the information and details on how to get tickets, click here.

Now don't forget all this feel we are giving you the chance to win an unforgettable holiday to Florida! Christianne from Elmstead Market manage to answer the questions correct the morning and will be back on tomorrow to face another 3 questions. But, if she get's one wrong you could 'steal' the holiday off her! You've just got to stay on until Friday and answer question 15 right to win that trip. Listen tomorrow morning just before 7.30am for your chance to win.

Also tomorrow we want to know 'What would you miss is there were no national newspapers'? 

Let us know, speak to you tomorrow,




20th April 2012

We hear today that, once again, petrol prices are set to increase! It's got so bad that Martin and Su actually agreed to something this morning - they are going to car share! I can't believe they have made the deal! We flipped a coin and Su is going to be there first driver, starting next week! I'm not sure how long it will last - I'm giving it 2 weeks lol!

Now, I know it's the end of the working week but don't worry about missing us over the weekend because you can download the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast and listen to all the best bits from this week. Hear what self surgery Su has done and what board games could be made into a film!

On Monday we are giving you the chance to win an unforgettable family trip to Florida! Find out everything about what you could be doing by clicking here and listen, just before 7.30am, on Monday for your chance to win!

Have a great weekend, speak to you Monday (when we'll find out how the first day of car sharing went)!



18th April 2012

So today marks 100 days until the Olympics but it has been revealed that 50% of us aren't looking forward to it! A lot of the reasons are because you think the traffic is going to be a nightmare! But c'mon people we've even got some events right here in Essex! Anyway, only 100 days and counting!

Alos this morning we wanted to know what games you could make into films! All because Battleships is out in the cinema, but surely there's other board games that could be huge blockbuster hits! Here are some of the films you think could be made - 

Hayley - Hungry Hippos - People chased around as the world is doomed by hippos!

Debbie - Operation - One person taking body parts and leaving the bodies, more like a psychological thriller type crime film!

Jean - Monopoly - With Bruce Willis where he has to get round all the places at a certain time to pick up a clue before terrorists blow up London. He gets put in jail but has to break out to get his next clue and now he has the cops after him as well!

Some great suggestions but i think they've already made the one Jean suggested, it's called 'Die Hard with a Vengeance'!

Here's what we think 'Buckaroo' might sound like...

Buckaroo the Movie

Tomorrow, we want you to know if you have seen a man doing, what you would consider, a womans job. How would you feel about having a male midwife or a male make-up artist?

Let us know below,




17th April 2012

This morning Su asked the questions 'how do you feel about people touching your belly when you're pregnant'? This is after she saw Simon Cowell in the newspaper touching Dannii Minogue's belly just because she was pregnant. Su thinks it is wrong and that, at the early stages of pregnancy, it should only be there father doing that and then when you are showing a bit more of a bump, friends can but only if they ask first! Martin and I think that it's just the 'done thing' - friends and family always touch the belly to say 'ahh, congratulations!' Here's what some of you think about it:

Natasha - I feel it's a blessing to be pregnant and other people just want to be part of that and wish you well. I had no problem and felt happy for others to be part of all 4 of my pregnancies.

Ali - OMG! I hated it! Why do people think feel they can do that just because you are pregnant? Done at any other time and it is deemed unacceptable!

Kelly - Isn't that just a part of being pregnant?

Kerry - Close family and friends is fine but strangers doing it is weird.

Sarah - My belly, leave it alone!

Mags - I've had three and still don't get why people want to touch bumps. Unless the mum says 'it's moving' there's nothing to feel anyway

Marie - I do not mind although the line was crossed when I was pregnant. One of the old guys from the pub put his arm around my waste from behind and rubbed my belly. I put my hands on his thinking it was the other half - then realised it wasn't, ewwwww!

Tonight, Su is going to be the Quadrant store, in Chelmsford, hosting the Charity Fashion Show. It's all in aid of Farleigh Hospice and Families In Focus. Tickets are still available, so pop on down and show your support - plus you'll see Su's daughter, Lily, walking down the catwalk! It starts at 6.30pm!

I'm sure she'll tell us all how it went tomorrow morning. Speak to you then!



16th April 2012

Welcome back to the working week and 'yippee', the kids go back to school! I hope you enjoy your first day of quiet! 

Now, this morning we announced that our charity, Have A Heart, is giving you the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime but jointing us on Heart's Trek China 2012 - a ten day trek you'll never forget along The Great Wall of China! You'll also get to meet new people and every step you take will raise money for Have A Heart, this year supporting Childline! 

In 2010, I took part in Trek China and can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! Gaynor, from Harlow, was also on the Trek and we spoke to her and asked if she would recommend it to others to do...

Gaynor from Harlow

Also this morning we found out why The Queens dress never lifts up when there is a strong gust of wind! When her dresses are made they put weights in the bottom of it so it can't lift! #Genius! See, you learn something new everyday!

Hope you have a good day,



12th April 2012

This morning we learnt that new new exhibition is on in London called 'the contents of a woman's handbag'! Apparently it is art, but we decided to take a look at the contents of Su's handbag and it looks more like a pile of rubbish! What do you think?...

The contents of Su's handbag

On tomorrows show we have an exciting (well I think it is) announcement! And it's all because Chelmsford is now a City! We are going to need you help too, so make sure you're listening at 7.30am!

Speak to you tomorrow,



11th April 2012

I'm Back!! Sorry it's been a while, I've had a few weeks off - I went to Las Vegas for my best mates Stag! But I'm back now with Martin and Su! But, loads of things have been going on whilst I've been away! Martin and Su have been, as they do, chatting with the celebrities! Friend of the show, Olly Murs, had a chat with them and they also caught up with Matt Lucas, who also had a go at Lost in Showbiz so don't forget to check out the leader board! You can hear both their interviews below:

Olly Murs

Matt Lucas

Also, if you wanted to catch up with the best bits that you miss of Heart Breakfast, then download the weekly podcast here. Take a listen to last week when they were asking 'is it a curse to be gorgeous'? (They obviously had to ask, as they wouldn't know -haha)!

And finally, I thought that the Who's On Heart jackpot would've been won whilst I was off but it hasn't! I can't believe it, not even one has been guessed! But, if you haven't heard, the jackpot is now £60,000! Yes, SIXTY. THOUSAND. POUNDS! Plus you can now see all of the wrong guess we have had so far - just click here. Someone MUST know who they are!

Hope you have a good day,



21st March 2012

First things first - the Who's On Heart jackpot is now up to £42,700! Just imagine what you could do with all that money - I would have a car, a holiday, new clothes, another holiday and then i suppose i'd try and save some of it, haha! 

Now, this morning Su wanted to know who you thought would pick the best 'perfect partner' for you - your mum, your dad, your sibling or your best friend? We had a vote and here are the results:

Sibling - 11%

Dad - 20%

Mum - 27%

Best Friend - 42%

Tomorrow morning we'll have ANOTHER chance for you to win an amazing trip with Heart's Holidays!

Speak to you then,



19th March 2012

Firstly, I hope all the mothers had a lovely day yesterday! However, this morning we wanted to hear from people who didn't treat their mother like a Queen yesterday and why! We arranged for a lovely bunch of flowers, from Christine's of Hockley, to be sent to the mum of the person who could give us a good enough excuse as to why they didn't spoil their mum yesterday. Lisa from Canvey was our winner, here is the reason why...

I couldn't celebrate mothers day yesterday as I had to go to work. I am a carer for the elederly and yesterday i got stuck in this lady's house and couldn't get out. In the end i had to climb out the window it was a nightmare. I had dinner booked and a card all ready for my mum but feel bad that i couldnt be there with her, as she does a lot for me. I missed the dinner and couldn't give her the card, all because i was trapped in another house!

Martin and Su thought this was a good enough reason, so the flowers will be delivered to Lisa's mum today!

Also this morning, we had a chat with Michael Bolton and played a round of Lost In Showbiz with him, so take a listen and then see where he sits on our leader board.

Michael Bolton

Tomorrow, and for the rest of this week, we've still got some amazing holidays for you to win with Heart's Holidays! Don't forget to listen to Matt, on Heart Drivetime, to find out the amazing trip you could be winning on tomorrows show.

Have a great day,



15th March 2012

Let's start with a 'Woohoo' - I'm sure you've heard that Chelmsford has been given City status! Southend and Colchester bid for it too but Chelmsford was the chosen town to be honoured by Her Majesty The Queen in her Diamond Jubilee Year! I think it's great not for Essex, not just Chelmsford, but what does it mean? Well take a listen to when the announcement was made to find out...

Chelmsford City Status

This morning we, once again, opened up Su's diary...

Dear diary 

Well it’s nearly mothers day and of course all the ads are on for presents and flowers and for those personalised cards that you can buy on the internet. Lily my daughter and I were watching tv today when one of these ads came on and Lily said I think I might do one of those for you mum, the only cards that had been advertised were the ones with the mums photo on, so I assumed she meant one like that. I didn’t say anything but I can’t think of anything worse, who wants a card with your own photo on it. 

I don’t think she will do it, so that’s ok, a normal card will be fine. 

Night night diary

What do you think? Would you like to have your photo on a card?

Tomorrow, as it is Mothers Day this weekend, we will have a special 'Mums £1000 Minute', and we want to know - what did/would/does your mum do for you that she wouldn't dream of doing it for anyone else?

Have a good day,



14th March 2012

So, it's the Cheltenham festival this week and Su, should, have won some money! She picked a horse for one of the races yesterday but didn't actually place a bet, and guess what...the horse won! Silly lady! Seeing and hearing all the Cheltenham races we thought that a horse race could actually sound a bit like the school run in the mornings. What do you think?...

School Run Horse Race

Also this morning, Su was telling us about one of the rooms she has finished decorating in her new house! It's got a Union Jack theme and, personally, i think it's great! But Martin thinks it's horrible and not something he would want in his house! She has made it as the 'playroom' for the kids. What do you think of it?...

Su's Union Jack room

Tomorrow we've got another chance for you to win an amazing trip away with 'Heart's Holidays'! It's all thanks to London Southend Airport - which mean we have loads of holidays to give away! If you want to know what trip you could win on tomorrows show, listen to AJ on Heart Drivetime from 4pm.

Have a great day,




12th March 2012

Welcome back to the working week! Hope you had a good weekend, I learnt over the weekend that, if i came down the 'love lift' on the TV show Take Me Out my girlfriend wouldn't leave her light on until the end! She said, once I start talking about my passion for football and West Ham, she would turn her light off! So, we were asking this morning if you would keep your light on if your partner appeared out of the 'Love Lift'. The majority said they would, but I think you'll all just being too nice! Would you leave your light on?

Now, incase you didn't know, it was our Have A Heart appeal day on Friday and i just want to say 'Thank You'! We raised a total of....*drum roll*.....£348,456! If you still want to help us raise a tiny bit more AND celebrate what a success the appeal has been then come along to our Roller Disco for Grown Ups tonight! We'll see you there!

Finally, congratulations to Terry from Basildon who won a luxury weekend break to Dublin with Heart's Holidays! Thanks to London Southend Airport we have a holiday to give away every morning this week AND next week! Listen to Matt on Heart Drivetime today to find out where we could be sending you tomorrow!

Have a great day,



9th March 2012

Well, it's been a very busy week and today is the big day! Our Have A Heart Appeal Day! We are raising loads of money this year for Childine and you have all been fantastic! Yesterday we gave you the chance to bid to meet Olly Murs, backstage, at his concert in Chelmsford AND watch him perform the first song of his concert from the side of the stage! We raised a massive £1,200 and then this morning, thanks to Gary in Epping, we managed to raise another £1,199 as that was his winning bid to have Adventure Island in Southend to himself and 9 friends for an evening! Plus he got food for everyone and an overnight stay for his family! Its been been a fantastic week and a great day so far.

Also this morning we had people just popping in to hand over cheques for the money they had raised for us. Jo from The Home Partnership popped in and gave us £100 and Sophie from Lakeside popped in to hand over a cheque for £500 to Martin and Su.

Sophie from Lakeside hands over a cheque for Have

We want to say a massive thank you to you and have one last event to raise a tiny bit more money. Let's finish our Have A Heart Appeal with a big Roller Disco Party! If you want to come join us you can get your tickets by clicking here.

Now on Monday, since you've been fantastic this week, we have the chance for you to win some amazing trips away thanks to Heart's Holidays! Plus, Who's On Heart returns and the jackpot currently stands at a whopping £37,800! 

Have a fantastic weekend!

Speak to you Monday,



7th March 2012

WOW, it's been a busy week so far! It's our Have A Heart Appeal week where we are raising loads of money for Childline, so it's been all systems go at Heart Towers!

To get the week started we chatted to, the legend, David Hasselhoff! There's something that doesn't happen 'hoff-ten' (get it)! If you missed the chat you can take a listen again right here:

David Hasselhoff

Don't forgot to take a look at where he sit's on our Lost in Showbiz Leader board

Martin and Su were, last night, at Chicagos in Chelmsford for 'Martin and Su's Quiz for Kids' which was a great event, i'll have all the photos for you soon. However, if you don't want to miss our next event for Have A Heart then book your tickets now for our Roller disco night! It's gonna be a fantastic night - it'll be wheely good (get it, wow i'm good at these jokes - haha). You can find out more and book your tickets by clicking here.

Finally, as this years Have A Heart Appeal is 'Be a Kid for a Kid', I've got some pictures of us when we were kids. You've GOT to see these photos, take a look here

Wasn't I just the cutest (i've no idea what happened)!

Anyway, have a fantastic day,



2nd March 2012

It's Friday! Which means it's the last Heart Breakfast show of the week! But that doesn't matter, as always you can download all the best bits from this week on the latest Heart Breakfast Podcast

Tonight, Martin, Su and I are all going to be at the Brentwood Centre taking part in Strictly Air Ambulance 2012. Su will be judging this year, I am hosting the show and Martin, yes Martin Day, is doing a one-off, never to be seen again dance! It's going to be a great evening and if you're going, be sure to say 'hi' to us all.

Now, next week is our Have A Heart Appeal week! We're going to raising loads of money for Childline with some great auctions for you to bid on and we'll be hearing from everyone all over the county that are getting involved. If you still want to join in then it's not to late to book yourself a table at the Martin and Su's Quiz for Kids!

Have a great weekend - next week is gonna be a good one!



1st March 2012

Pinch, punch the first of the month and no returns!

Now, firstly I want to say that yesterday we were lucky enough to have a chat with Christina Perri (yes, the lady that sings 'Jar of Hearts')! She joined Martin and Su on the show and also too part in a round of Lost in Showbiz! Take a listen to the interview, which includes a few unheard extras, and don't forget to take a look at where she is on our Lost in Showbiz Leader board.

Christina Perri

Today, we found out that 'more time on the computer' is the most common treat kids are asking for nowadays. So, we wanted to know what you used to get as a treat when you were younger. I used to get The Beano or Match Magazine. Here's what you said:

Sheri, Canvey - Pie and Mash for lunch on a Friday

Mark, Hatfield - Sherbet Dip Dabs

Phil, Southend - A Jamboree bag

Debbie, Springfield - Saturday morning cinema

Milton, Southend - A Biscuit, I had 8 brothers and sisters

Julie, Canvey - 10p for sweets. Used to get 3 packs of polos and 4 black jacks

Well, nowadays all the children want is a bit more time to play their computer games, which is nice and easy for you to give them - lol!

How's this for a treat for your kids though - Your own theme park for the evening! Yes, next week for our Have A Heart Appeal, you can bid on this great treat of having Adventure Island all to yourself - and doing so you'll be helping us to raise loads of money for Have A Heart, this year supporting Childline.

Have a good day, only one more until the weekend!



28th February 2012

First of all I need to say 'woohoo'! We have reached 20,00 fans on our Facebook Page (if you're not one yet, why not?)! I'm going to sort out a prize, just for our Facebook fans, soon to say thank you! We're always chatting to our fans and giving them exclusive content and live updates, including pictures from the studio and backstage at events! So, if you haven't, join us now!

Now, this morning we heard a quote from Essex boy Olly Murs saying he thinks he as 'as well known as the Queen in the UK'. Hmmm, we aren't so sure Olly. So we put it to the test with Su's mum...

Su's Mum

Tomorrow, we've got your last chance to bid on a pair of tickets to a very exclusive and intimate meeting with Lionel Richie! It's all to celebrate our Have A Heart Appeal which is less than one week away!

Hope you have a great day,



27th February 2012

This morning we asked the questions do you/would you change the toilet seats when you move into a new house? Martin seems to think not, "it's only a toilet seat". But Su, recently moved herself, believes the majority of people would! So, we've have asked our Facebook Fans and here is the result:

95% - Yes, they would change their toilet seat!

5% - No, 'Just use a bit of bleach' says Krystal!

Also this morning, to celebrate one week to go until our 'Have A Heart Appeal' week we gave you the chance to bid to get up close and personal with music legend Lionel Richie! Cathy was the successful bidder and is going to be 'hanging out' with Mr Richie this Friday - AND her winning bid of £2,600 is fantastic for Have A Heart! We'll have another pair of tickets for you to bid on tomorrow!

Tonight, Martin and Su are off to see 'Chicago' at the Southend Cliffs Pavilion and Martin is going to be doing something for the first time! Find out what that is tomorrow morning!

Have a great day,




23rd February 2012

So the 'Who's On Heart' jackpot has now passed the £30,000 mark!! WOW! And I've looked this morning, you could almost buy 21,500 tubes of mini eggs, that would be incredible! If you decide to do that, please share!

This morning we were talking about men asking their potential father-in-law permission to marry their daughter. It's a very traditional but i would still do it, but here is what you had to say...

Waki, Billericay - I find it incredibly offensive. I am not a thing a man can possess. As it happens, I told my man we are going to get married lol!

Amanda, Wickford - I think it shows respect and I think as a father u would want to know he will look after ur daughter!! My husband asked my dad and it made me feel special and it made my dad feel part of it.

Alex -  I'm speaking from a guys' perspective here - I'd definitely wanna ask her parents. Marriage isn't something you go into light heartedly, and I'd want the absolute approval from those around the girl I love...just haven't found her yet!

Nicola - I'd be terrified my dad would say no to my boyfriend!

Sarah - Defo so if it goes pear shape u can blame it on your dad ;)

Tomorrow we'll be catching up with our showbiz editor Charling Girling to find out what film is best to go and watch this weekend!

Have a great day,



22nd February 2012

So, the Brit Awards were last night and everyone has been talking about them this morning. I won't tell you who won what (just in cased you sky+ed it) but you can check out all the winners and pictures from the show last night here. Essex boy Olly Murs looked good in his suit I thought.

This morning we opened up Su's Dairy to have a look at last nights entry. Martin and I were shocked...

Dear diary 

My daughter Lily and I had a lovely day out on Monday at Lakeside and today we were still laughing about something that happened in Primark. We were in the Q to pay and I let a little trump out, it was a quiet one so nobody heard, but what was funny and the thing that has made us giggle since, is that a woman in front of us who had a baby in a pushchair lent down to talk to him and said oh dear I think you need your nappy changing. I laughed to myself at the time and told Lily when we got into the car, she thought it was so funny. 

We were still laughing today about it. 

Night night dairy

After reading that we wondered what things you do that is usually seen as a 'manly' thing to do. Here's a few examples of what you said:

Daisy - I'm a bit of a petrol head, the other day our car broke down , we called the AA and when the guy arrived I said it seems like the starter motor or maybe the ignition sensor cos' the car has full battery etc, my husband grinned and said 'babe be quiet' and the AA man ignored me, but I was right! Haha and my husband hasnt lived it down since.

Shelly, Wickford - I did a yard of ale at my husbands football do! I was actally seen a legend for a while after that! 

Tara - Read on the toilet!

We also announced this morning that you could be meeting with Lionel Richie. Not only that, but you'll be helping to raise money for our Have A Heart Appeal too! Find out how here.

And finally, today, it's the start of Lent! I'm not giving up anything, but let us know what you are going to try and give up until Easter.

Speak to you tomorrow,




21st February 2012

It's Pancake Day!! And it seems that the most popular topping is still the traditional lemon and sugar. For me, I love having some chocolate spread on mine. It tastes soooo good! We also had a special Pancake Day £1000 Minute this morning. Kirsty from Witham only managed to get five correct answers. How well would you have done?

Also this morning, Martin shared with us his SMS codes for the over 40s. The kids have all their little codes like BFF (Best Friends Forever) and LOL (Laugh Out Loud) so why can't the over 40s have codes that maybe the kids won't understand. What do you think?

ATD - At the Doctors
BTW - Bring the Wheelchair
FWIW - Forgot Where I Was
GGPBL - Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low
GHA - Got Heartburn Again
IMHO - Is My Hearing Aid On
WAITT - Who Am I Talking To?
GGLKI - Gotta Go, Laxative Kickin' In

You also made some suggestions, on our Facebook Page, to add to that list:

NANH - Need A New Hip
NGCRT - Need Glases Can't Read Text
ROFLNCGU - Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Now Can't Get Up

Let us know any other suggestions that you come up with and we'll be reading the best ones out tomorrow morning!

Have a good Pancake Day, try not to get too many stuck on the ceiling - haha!

Speak to you in the morning,