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Race for Life is one of the most emotional events of the year. Show your support or tell us your story here.

Every year more and more of you run in memory of a loved one or a close friend or to say thank you to the people who have helped you overcome cancer.

We would like to share your story with others, it may inspire them to part in Race for Life and for you to tell us others about the people you will be thinking about during those 5 kilometres.

To tell us your story and/or who you will be running in memory of by filling out the form below.

I took part...for a chalenge and i lost my mum 16yrs ago and i just thought why not do something to help even though its to late for her but 2010 has been a horrific year as ive just found out about lots ofpeople i know whos got cancer and i just felt i could do something to help i only raised about 250 pounds but ive never ran befoe so next year i hope to raise lots more  i  hope i do better and just to say im so proud of the people that ran today your a credit to all love you xxxxx
This was my first race for life - i challenged myself to run the whole 5k! I did and finished within 30 mins so happy as never ran before six months ago! What a fab event i enjoyed every minute and am still smiling eight hours later! I ran for my auntie and grandad and all who are touched by cancer today and tomorrow.
Well done to Lisa Wilson and Mary Chiles you both did a brill job
John Chiles
Hey, its my first time running it this year as i've been putting it of recently because i have been thinking that i wasn't going to be able to do it. But recently my auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer which spread to whole body cancer and unfortunately she died. Also my mum has been suffering with breast cancer for the past 10 years, she was first diagnosed with it in 2000 and has been suffering consequences for the last 10 years, i do hope one day we can find a cure for cancer.
When I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in June last year, I travelled down, with my sister, and daughter, to the south coast to break the news to my niece.  There was a race for life on there at that time, and I vowed that if I was well enough this year, that I would do it. I will be taking part with my Mum, daughter, sister and niece, who are all doing it, in part, to support me, as well as remembering all those who have died from, or who are still fighting this awful disease. I've finished my chemo now, and am in remission....just about to start a new job, AND move house!!  We are going to be walking the course, as we each have our ailments...bad knees, hips and backs amongst them!! I wish everyone taking part well, and hope you complete your runs or walks successfully.
Take care, Sue xxx
Tell us why you are taking part in Race for Life: This was my first race for life, what a day so much emotion a whole range of feeling. I lost my beautiful dad on 21.12.09 and then not even six months later my husband lost his mum, words cannot describe how we all feel at our lost. We miss you both so so much, always in our thought and hearts.
My daughter, Claire and I are doing this race for the second time, with my mum. It is mum's first time doing the race for life,  at the age of 70 doing 10K is a huge achievement. We are all really proud of her. Too many of our family and friends have battled with cancer, some lost, some won. We had a great time today. See you all again next year.
This will be my 2nd year entering race for life.  I ran last year in Herne Bay as my Mum had just been diagnosed with cancer but unfortunately she lost her battle in November 2009 so running this year in Margate was very emotional.  My daughter entered with me this year which was very special.  My mum was my whole world and I miss her dearly.
St Albans Race for Life was my fourth and my daughters 2nd. Three years ago I lost my darling Mum Rosetta to Cancer, she was mine, my Dad's and my children's world. I ran my first race 5 months later in her memory. Although emotionally difficult the whole event had a wonderful feeling of togetherness about it and the feeling when you cross the finnishing line is euphoric. There is an amaziong atmosphere and I vowed to then run every year. Sadly, last November I then lost my Mum's sister Shirley once again to cancer. So this year myself and my 6 year old daughter ran for them both. Thay would have been very proud of her and so am I especially as we beat last year's time and completed the course in 42 minutes, great for a 6 year old!
Nicole Callaghan, St. Albans
Well done and thanks to Kirsty Purt who ran in memory of her Gran, Heather Purt.  Kirsty raised over £250 this year, her seventh in a row. Well done Kirsty from Dad and Mum xxxxx
I run often.. and this showed up at my school so i decided to get out there and help raise money for people who are suffering and trying to beat cancer :) My mother and I decided to run together and we have (together) raised over two hundred pounds! I loved it, and i'm defiantly doing it again next year :')
Tell us why you are taking part in Race for Life: I have already taken part in Race for Life yesterday in Reading 18th July 2010. My cousin and I walked for our dear Grandpa John brown who passed away in 1993 a truely sad day for me and we miss him dearly. He has been my inspiration to come to England my whole life. I also walked for my husbands cousin Mark Ryland who sadly passed away this year as well as for my mothers dear friend who is currently battling breast cancer. We plan on jogging next year and getting more people to join. We had the time of our lives and were so glad to see woman of all ages with prams, pregnants, young ones, familes all taking part and all the supporter out there friends, family, partners and the animals who came along. Can't wait for next year.
On January 12th 2009 my dearest Aunty Jacky died of Cancer, she was only 48...She didn't live to see her 2 children get married or have children. Our family were devastated that we lost her. She was the nicest person you could ever know, she gave you good advice when you needed it most and when you needed cheering up she was always there making you laugh until you forgot about your worries. She will never ever be forgotten, always in our hearts and minds... I think about her every day, knowing that she's not hurting any more makes me happy...
I'm grateful for having her in my life. I miss you more and more each day Aunty Jacky I'm racing for you tomorrow lots of love xxxxxxx
Me and my mum are taking part to tas we have lost my nan, granny and many other members of our lovely family. It is mums 50th birthday on our race for life on the 24th july and i would like to say how amazing she is, the fact her mum died of this horrible disease when she was 6, she looked after my dads mum when she was sick, and then for her 50th she has raised over £400 in donations rather than present!! such a good cause and i am so glad i can do it with my mum, when others are not as lucky.
This is the second year i have taken part in race for life, last year i took part because my cousin Chrissie had cancer, sadly she lost her battle and passed away on 20th June 2010, so 3 weeks to the day I am taking part at Westpoint in her memory
I am doing the race for life for the first time  in memory of my mum sonia violet scott who died of bowel cancer on 16th january 2010
I amazed myself by jogging the 5k today it seems so little in the shadow of how amazing my wonderful in lawswere who both fought,and sadly lost the battle, forever close to my thoughts and always in my heartxx June and Jim Maynard xxx An amazingly inspirational day.
2010 will be my first race for life. In memory of my father in law mal diagnosed oct 09 sadley lost the battle to lung cancer nov 09 also my brother peter (pedro) diagnosed with cancer in nov 09 and sadley passed away febuary 2010 whos memory we will keep alive forever both fought with courage  and i feel very honoured and proud  to have been blessed with such lovely people god bless and may you walk in peace with all our loved ones
this will be my 2nd race for life ,this year i am doing it   with my daughter  we are doing it in memory of our dear freind elsie rose we miss her very much xxx
Today I ran the 10km race for life (Stratford) for the first time.  I ran the whole way, and am very proud of both me and my running mate Tracey. I ran for my Mum-in-law Jackie and my cousin Alison both of who are two very barve and wonderful ladies who have fought cancer.  I love them both - Keep fighting girls xxxx
Hi I took part in the 10k race with my daughter and completed this in 1hr 10. I dashed back to give my daughter Alaina Chick encouragement to keep going and she completed this in 2hrs 15 and raised over £200. I raised £150 treble my target, this was in aid of all those who touched my life and myself for being a survivor. The atmosphere was fab thanks to Gaz and Babs and all those who took part as well as those who cheered us on. A big thank you to ALL
I did race for life today for everyone i know who has won or lost their battle with cancel, it was an amazing atmosphere and thank all there that helped us round the course and Gaz and Babs for there support whilst we were out in the hot weather xx
This year 5 of us from Tesco Daventry1 Warehouse will be completeing the 5km R4L at Coombe Abbey Coventry on 15/7/10. We are doing this "For Pete's Sake"...Pete is another memeber of our Tesco team who has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently under going treatment. We're thinking of you Pete. xxxxx
I walked/jogged the race for life for 10 people.  My Grandad keeps getting skin cancers and has to have them removed on a regular basis.  His Mum, my Great-Grandma Gladys died of cancer many years ago.  My housemate lost both the people he called Dad (Paul and John) in 2009.  My best-friends lost her Grandad Archie a couple of years ago.  My Mum has lost two very close friends recently, Cherrie and Donna.  A family friend Lyn is currently fighting Lukemia and another friends Grandad Len is also currently fighting cancer.  I decided after all this happening in such a short space of time I should do something to remember them all and used it as a goal after having my knee reconstructed in January.  I also broke my coccyx last week so very pleased with myself for completing the 5k :-).  I was the one dressed as a cat with all the names painted over my arms, legs, chest and back.
Tassie Scott
My step mum whose more like my mum anyway is second time around cancer this time she had a malignant brain tumour removed the size of a fist she has a 6 inch scar on her head . She has just finished radiotherapy which loosened all her teeth and her face partially collapsed and now she has a macular hole in her retina abd is partially blind but she's here fighting like a good un' I myself have menieres disease abd on Thursday just gone I had huge attack 5 hours unconcious ob the floor ten hours total room spin and tinitus I thought I wasn't going to make today! But I did I ran 23 mins 55 secs I was 19th it's all for you mum you keep fighting xx
I am running for the first time this year or rather walking, with my mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. She also has secondary bone cancer and just keeps going. She is an amazing women and she has been strong most of her life. she never gives up love you mum. x x x x
I lost my dad to lung cancer October last year. He was diagnosed 12 weeks before passing away.  He was my inspiration in life.  He was taken far too soon from us and I miss him so much.  I know he would have been proud of me taking part in my first race for life and I did it in his memory.  R.I.P. Dad.  Love and miss you xxx  Karen xxx
This is my 6th year and I do the race for Dawn my beautiful brave sister who lost her fight with breast cancer aged 44 - just 2 years after our father who died of lung cancer in 2003. My mother is undergoing treatment for bladder cancer - 1/2 my family - we will beat this terrible disease. Keep running girls will be running Sutton Park 20th June.
Yvonne Day
I am running my 1st 'race for Life' in Folkestone on June 20th 2010. I wanted to do something special and have raised almost £550.00 towards finding a cure for Cancer :-) I miss my Mother-in-Law - Mary Isherwood who died in 2002 and its terrible that her grandchildren barely remember her due to Lung Cancer. Gone from us but never forgotten. Also for my Sister Suzanne - who overcame Ovarian Cancer & has been clear for 5yrs +. These people are my inspiration for running 'Race for Life
Louize Isherwood
This is my 3rd Race For Life and I'm running with my 6 year old daughter Leah today in memory of my mum and dad (Leah's nanny and La La). We lost mum to lung cancer in 2005, and lost my lovely dad last November after a long fight with bowel cancer. Love you Mum and Dad x
Lisa Woodman
Tell us why you are taking part in Race for Life: This will be my 3rd Race for Life.  The first year I ran for those I did not know. Last year I ran for my Grandad who we lost to lung cancer in February 09. This year I am running for my Uncle who we lost to bone cancer in Sept 09. I hope that by raising money I can maybe spare another family the heartache we have suffered over the last 2 years. Please take part or sponsor someone who is - this is an amazing and extremely worthwhile event. Love to all and good luck x
This is my first of doing the race for life and  i really enjoyed it, i was doing it for my very special grandad and i hope he will be proud of me :) i lovee you grandad and i think of you every day xxxx
Zoe Botting
In memory of my mum and my cousin Angela who both died of bowel cancer.
Colleen Taylor
I watched my daughter Victoria take part on her own today and I was so proud of her, as she was running for her 3 nans who were all lost to cancer. She is only 18 and so brave. They would all be so very proud of her. Well done Victoria! Love from your proud Dad.
Danny Claridge
my sister and I are taking part in Brighton this year for our sister in law, Paula, who finished the race for life in Eastbourne last Sunday, unfortunatly she lost the battle on Wednesday morning, she was the nicest person you could ever meet, she has sadly left behind 2 boys and a husband, we will all try our hardest to make sure her memory lives on forever and that her boys know that they had such a lovely and caring Mum. forever missed and loved Paul
Amanda Moore
My sister Anita West is taking parting part in race for life tonight at silverstone. we lost our birth dad this morning through cancer which he has been fighting for just over 3years. Anita had a gut feeling it would of been today or yesterday he would go. So Anita we are so proud of you doing this today. good luck your sister Suzanne
Hi, I am running the 5k with some friends. We are trying to raise some money as well for the cancer reasearch, some friends and colleagues are sponsoring us!! this is a boost to have the best performance. It will be a great atmosphere and we can´t miss it out!
Good luck to my amazing best friend sophie and tamara! I know they are running race for life for many good reasons and I am so proud of them. They have raised a fair bit if money and know they will do amazing x
I will be walking the race for life this year with my daughter Annie -Elizabeth. This will be our 1st year and hopefully there will be many more to come. My mum passed away April 2003 and is always in my thoughts.xxx
I just wanna shout out to my friend Rhia and her mum and sister who are taking part in Race for life! i really hope they have fun and raise lots and lots of money :) good luck!!!
Katie Carter
I will be taking part this year, as always, in memory of my wonderful Mum. She lost her battle with cancer 3 years ago, at only 43. I was 19 at the time. The thought of not having my mum around for some of the most important milestones in my life chokes me everytime, however she made me the person I am today and I strive everyday to make her proud. If you're not sure whether to take part, or to sponsor someone, just think - you could be saving somebody elses Mum x
Emma Chapman
I'm running in memory of 2 amazing ladies who lost their battle with cancer, one being my Grandmother and another being someone who was as close as a Nan to me. There has been other people I have known who have lost their lives to cancer, some very close family friends and others being close family to my friends....Amy
Because im still here to see my wonderful daughters and son grow into adults after having breast cancer two years ago. " my girls" walked it with me, and I am so proud of  them, and as Sam said im here to see her graduate this year!!! thanx to to the wonderful and amazing treatment I had, My turn to pay back for all I recieved x
I'm taking part for me and my mum- we've both had skin cancer, for my grandad and uncle kev who lost their battles against this god awful disease and for all those who are fighting it right now
My Fianceé Louise Culpin will be taking part this year following the untimely death of her mother, Sandra, 5 years ago. This year is extra special as Louise is being joined by all of her "Hens" to combine this special charity event with her Hen Do celebrations. Even more special is that 3 of the Hens will be heavily pregnant so this is more likely to be a waddle for life - please don't tell them I said that :-) I'd just like to tell Lou I love her very much and wish her and her hens the best of luck for the day. I can't wait to be married to this very very special lady. If the fab people at Heart could find a couple of seconds to give Lou and her hens and shout out on the day - that would be amazing and would make her day. Well done to everyone who's taking part - you should all be very proud.
Al Peasland x
I am doing the race again this year, last year we were in sumo suits and had such fun that this year we will be in  wedding dress with bridesmaids  for my mum: Irene Phillips (02/03/1998), my brother: Martin Phillips 25/12/08 and myself - still fighting here against the odds but I am doing it all again next year too and every year I am able too I will be there - join us its money well spent a great day for all walkers runners and family and friends who come along just to support you will not regret it I know I don't.
I am doing the Race For Life this year as I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year at the age of just 21. I hope that by participating, I can raise awareness amongst younger women and help raise money for cancer research.
I am taking part in Race for Life for my Granny, Jean Robinson. She meant the world to me and I was such a Grannies girl and unfortunately she lost her battle nearly three years ago. I think about her everyday and thought that I could help others like her to try and beat it. I hope she will be watching me and feeling proud.
Lucy Robinson
I race for life in memory of my mum pat welsh she was a great person and mum who fighted for 11 years but sadly lost her battle in 2006 aged 66 every year me and my daughter do this to put something back for all the treatment mum had that gave us them extra years and we will alwasys do it untill this is beaten once and for all. Rest well mum till we meet again you are sadly missed by all your love is forever strong and always will be.
i am doing race for life this year and i am 15 years of age and i want to do this for people who have had cancer and i also know alot of people who have had cancer. All i want to say is Good Luck to everyone and have fun. From Adelexxxxxxxxxxx aged 15
I am doing race for life this year with my beautiful daughter Rosie Davis, my wonderful mom, sister,neice and sister in law too. I was diagnosed with cancer in January this year and I am having chemo for it at the moment, our race is on the day before my last chemo treatment, thank you to everyone who has raised money for cancer research uk it means so much to know that research into treatment can continue with your help.
This year i am supporting my best mate Issy who lost a boob 2008 to cancer. Also in memory of family who lost their fight to cancer my aunt Mavis (2007) uncle Noel (2005) and my dad Victor aka Sir Dee (2006) well respected DJ for over 40yrs. This is my second Race for Life, and won't be my last - see you all next year!
This is my third year running the race for life! I aim to do it every year for all those people that have suffered from cancer and lost their battle and for those that have survived and those that are currently fighting the horrid disease! I am running in memory of my grandad and grandpa who died of bowel cancer and my mum's dad who died due to a brain tumor before i was born...he meant the world to her and she still thinks about him and misses him dearly every single day! Hopefully one day there will be a cure for cancer...until then we keep on running, keep on raising money and never give up!
Research is important to me if it did not have the support of people who take part so many people would not be here today including myself. I am doing the Race for Life to help raise money for research so people can survive this disease. And for the family and friends who have fought and lost to this disease. And for everyone who is fighting or has lost their fight.
My daughter Sofia aged 6 ran race for life last year Stevenage 09, just because she wanted to and raise money for a good cause. Soon after the race her Auntie was diagnosed with Cancer after being in 9 years of remission.  Sofia now wants to run race for life for her Auntie again this year in Stevenage at the age of 7 aiming to beat her time last year of 35 minutes. Go Sofia Go
I am Rebecca and I am 12 years old.  Me and my Mum, Ann , are doing a Cancer Research run at Luton Hoo to raise funds for the charity. and it good fun two. We are doing this because my Dad lost his father to cancer when my Dad was only 19 so, every time he hears about cancer, he gets really upset.  This is why we would like to raise funds for Cancer Research so fewer people need to experience what my Dad experienced and also to raise awareness of the disease and the good work that Cancer Research do.
My mom died last year after an 18 year battle with cancer. Come on girls lets have fun and raise a humungus amount of money for this fantastic cause. Look out Bromsgrove we are on our way !!!
My big bro is dying of cancer now. He was diagnosed in September last year and given 9 months to live.  I love you bro and am doing this race for life for you. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this.  I will be one of the crawlers as I am waiting for a new knee. Babs x
When my best mate Nancy Moore was diagnosed with cancer last year, I told her then I would do Race for Life 2010 in her honour. Unfortunately, although she put up the most bravest and courageous fight against this cruel disease, she slipped away on 19th April 2010. I am so grateful and blessed that she was and still is my best friend. Gob Bless Nancy, you will be sadly missed xxxxxxxxx
I lost my Mom 19 years ago to cancer and since then have lost other family members and have watched colleagues and friends suffer.  I'm entering my first ever Race for Life at the age of 51 and have been working hard building up to it and I'm now two and a half stone lighter.  My race is 11th July.  Go girls everywhere, we will make a difference.  I'm proud to be taking part.
I'm doing my fist race for life, in memory of my dear dad who passed away in 1992 for lung cancer, also our dear friend Mike who was taken from us in 2006 there also many other family and friends who have been taken or who are fighting this horrible disease. I hope to do them all proud.
I am doing race for life as I lost my mum to cancer 22yrs ago and my dad last Sept to liver cancer.I hope one day there will be a cure.
I will be doing the race for life this year for a beautiful young lady, Claire Freeman who lost her battle with bowel cancer in December at the age of 24.  I looked after Claire as her nanny for the first 2 years of her life before having my own family.  I continued to childmind Claire when she went to school and have remained in regular contact with her family as she grew up and flew the nest to university.  She will be missed by many, but in Claire's words, we need to smile, look up, love and move on.  I will be smiling for you Claire as I walk the 10km race at Luton Hoo in June xxx
I did the Race for Life last year with a friend and this year I am doing the Race for Life with my mom. I am doing it mainly for my grandad who die of cancer a couple of years ago. I am also doing Race for Life for family and friends who have died, survied and are still fighting cancer. It as a great opertunanty to raise money for Cancer reseach and is a great day as the atmosphere is just amazing. I will continue doing the Race for Life each year so long as I am alive. (I hope) I will never forget my grandad!
6 years ago my best friend Elaine desperately needed a kidney transplant. Despite her having a rare tissue type incredibly i matched enough to be considered for donation. In april 96 we went up to bristol where upon the transplant went ahead successfully. She lived life again being able to do things she couldn't do before as her life revolved around being hooked up to a dyalisis machine. She is a farmers wife so constantly being kept busy with animals husband, 3 kids. The only thing she dreaded was that little kidney being rejected as it was a big possibility due to the kidney not being a perfect match. Imagine the shock and horror after going for a routine smear test 10 weeks ago, she found out she has a rare and aggresive cancer. Elaine has only a few months left, if that. Please believe me there is no nice way i can say those words.  They are the words we all dread to hear. Why does it have to happen to a wonderful brave lady who has been through so much already. I wish i could take away this disease and let you live your life again, lani but this time i cant. I love you to bits and would walk 1000's of miles if we could have you back with us. I'm doing this race for you Elaine Milton.
All my love Georgie
I would like to say a big thank you to my sister Tina Atkin and to everyone who is doing the race for life, I lost my aunt to cancer August12th 2009 Lyn Harriott, she was one in a million, she is sadley missed by all that knew her, now my Aunty Sylvia another wonderful person has lung cancer.
Thank you all for doing this for such a good cause.
I am doing this to provide hope for those who have cancer, and prevent those who don't have from getting it. It's also the atmosphere and the fact that all us women have come together to raise money for such a great cause.
We took part in race for life becuase my uncle died last year only age 50 of cancer . He will be sadly missed by all the family! xx night night sleep tight!   
Courtney age 11
I'm 44 and am running the Race for Life this year for my Dad who is fighting lung cancer and for my Mum who is in remission form breast cancer.Also in memory of my sister in law who so bravely fought breast cancer and lost her fight at the so young age of 39.also for my grandad and my two aunties.
I lost my mum in 1989 to breast cancer she was only 43 - I am 43 now and this is my first race for life.  I also lost my dad to bladder cancer in 2001 - my nan is fighting bowel/lung cancer right now and my Auntie is a survivor of breast cancer - This race for life is for them and everyone else touched by cancer.
Sue Driver
I took part in Race for Life in memory of my mum Jean who sadly lost her fight against mouth cancer on 10th April 2010. I miss her greatly and will never forget the suffering she went through. She was a very brave lady who sadly never really recovered from the radiotherapy treatment. I am grateful for all the medical help and support mum received and will always cherish the many happy memories we have of mum, long before this disease claimed her.
I'm running the 5k race and i'm doing it for everybody who has had cancer.
I done the race for life for the first time with my daughter rachel and daughter inlaw kayleigh, in memory of my grandad and a very good friend Jackie who lost their lives to cancer, maybe one day they will find a cure to this horrible disease that takes so many special people from us.
Hi I am have taken part in race for life for the first time with my daughter Kayleigh and best mate Sandy.  We are doing this for my Dad who we lost in October 2008 after a long brave fight against cancer.  We are hoping to raise money so a cure may be found one day and people will not have to suffer.  Well done to everyone who took part, we will be doing the race for life every year I hope in memory of my great dad.
This year I am racing with my daughter Megzy. We are both doing this for my mum. So far in remission 5 years now. I am also racing for a friend of my father in law and his name is Peter his cancer is back and Peter feels he can't go through any more surgery or treatment he is thankful for the time that he was given with the treatment he recieved a few years ago but he can not go through all of it again. So I race for him for making a brave decision like that, and for all the other sufferers that have had to make that decision. This is why I race..........to fundraise to support the research team in one day finding a cure to treat all forms of cancer.......................
Just want to say good luck to Amy and Megan running the race for life together. Go for it girls.
X- Lucy and Nanny -X
Me and my mum are taking part in our first race for life today for mum's auntie Rita whose life support is being turned off today. We want her to know we are all thinking of her and love her very much.
we are doing race for life for the first time, teresa, danielle, lisa and emily for uncle derek and my cousin david who have cancer ad in memory of nanny woolyxx.
I am racing for life this year again for my sister denise who is in remission and my brother paul who sadly passed as well as many friends and family suffering with this terible disease . It has brought it so close to home that it can happen to any nof us so we must support this worthy cause in any way we can,Congratultions to all who are taking part in race for life this year feel proud and thankful for life.Thinking of you NIsi Paul, Edna and all my friends and family at this moment, keep positive xx
i am walking in my first race for life with my mum inlaw in memory of my mum and dad who both lost their lives to cancer, also i have a very dear cousin who is fighting cancer at the moment
my step daughter elisha syrett 6years old, is doing the race for life wiv her mum jenny today, its elisha's 2nd year doing race for life. she really enjoys doing it,
Can i say good luck to my mum and her friend jenny
Ria's mum Heather and 14 yarco friends are taking part in the race for life, in memory of beautiful Ria Helsdon! Watch out for us, with butterfly wings and Ria t.shirts!
i would like to send my best wishes and luck to my sister hayley marshall, its her first time doing race for life and has raised over £100. Good luck sis. Love carla x x
I'm one of the lucky few that hasn't had a family member suffer from Cancer but I've had close friends going through the battle, im going to be doing the race for life for the them and the future!! My little sister is doing it this year along with my mum and myself! good luck to all taking part!!!xxxxx
A group of teachers/support staff from Acle High School are running again this year. (Team Acle's Angels) We are especially sad as John Williams our groundsman died this month of cancer so our main dedication is to him.
This is my first Race for Life and I will actually be walking it as I have a problem with my leg at the moment. I am walking for myself.  I am celebrating nearly 5 years cancer free and I wanted this to be a message of hope for those going through cancer now.
This is my 7th year of racing so i am doing the 10K, also i am racing in memory of my cousin who we lost last September. Good luck to everyone, and especially Tracey, Ali, Cathrine, Shona and Fiona the Harleston Brownie and Cub leaders!!
We are doing the 5k race for the first time and would like to wish everyone-especially workmates from Clare school Maria and Linda - a fantastic day for such a great cause.
Karen Ashford and Beverley Revell.x.
My Niece and I are running the 10k this year.  We've done the 5k several times, but what better way to push ourselves and do some hard work going for the 10K.  It nowhere equals the hard work and determination some people go through fighting cancer, but its a chance for us to show how much we care.  We will be running for several members of our family, some still fighting cancer and some sadly who we've already lost.  GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE RUNNING IN ALL RACES.  Keep smiling.  Debbie & Charlotte
Debbie and Charlotte
Me and my 9 year old daughter Daisy are going to run the 5k on Saturday.  We have been running 5k for the last 3 weeks to get ready for this weekend. We are running it for my best friend Sue, who currently has breast cancer, my Mum, Dad and Uncle. Good Luck Daisy. xxxx
My daughter grace clark and a family friend , emma  biggie are running the race for life this year , My daughter is running for her grandpa alan cole who died of a brain cancer  in july last year  he was 67 , he died 6 months after being told he had it . we are devastated he has gone so she is running for grandpa xx
I'm doing this with my mum. my nan had cancer and is alive to tell the tale!!
I will be running the race for life for the 2nd time this year with my sister, in memory of our Dad who sadly lost his battle with oesophagal cancer in December 2008. I am hoping to run every year now for my Dad who i miss very much, to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research in the hope that one day there might be a cure. xx
Me & my mum are taking part in race for life this year as it is 10 years ago we lost my grandad who we all miss very much.
me n my cousin r doing race for life for the 1st time..we r doin it in memory of our nan who died 8 yrs ago..2 help raise more money we have decided 2 do sum cake sales at sum primary schools n sum small local businesses as part of our fundraising..once we av dun them i will upload the pics..gd luck 2 all the women/girls takin part this yr..n remember..GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!!!!!
I'm taking part in the Race for Life for the first time this year. I will be taking part(I won't say running!)in the 10km race in memory of my lovely mum who died of ovarian  cancer 18 years ago.
Somebody very close to me diagnosed with cancer and she wanted three people to be there as she passed away. The third got stuck in traffic and she died in tears i want to show her that she neednt of cried and that we all love her very much
Hello my name is Poppy and i am 10 i am doing Race For Life with my mum for the first time for my great friend ,Joshua, and my great-grandad,Sid, i love them both very much and will miss them always. Joshua was only 11 when he passed away in his sleep. Love you both.
I am doing race for life for the first time for my mother in law who 4 years ago was diagnosed with lung cancer and is still fighting but recently told it had spread to the other lung and to her bones. Love her dearly.
I am taking part this year as i did last year for my mum and now for my a close friednd of the family that is suffering from this horrible cancer. I am taking part this year with my daughter Megan at Norwich UK. This cause means alot to me as my mum probabley would'nt be here is there wasn't med's developed for cancer so I walk the course and aim to do it with a hope in my heart that one day there will be a cure for all types of cancer.........
This will be my first Race for Life- and I can't wait!
I'm racing in memory of a dear friend, the father of my ex.  He sadly lost the fight to cancer and he's greatly missed by all.  We are all affected by cancer in some way during our lives- I respect everyone who contributes to this cause in whatever way. Together we can beat Cancer x
Hi, This will be my sixth year entering the Race for Life, i am passionate about raising money for cancer as it is one of the biggest killers along with Heart disease and i want to help contribute to finding a cure for all cancers. I lost my Dad Robert Johnson to Lung/Liver cancer in 2007, He never drank or smoked so in my eyes never deserved to die this way. So i am supporting all cancer suffers and our future but best of all in Loving memory of my dear Dad that i miss so terribly. Love you Dad i hope i make you proud. Come on all you RFL supporters, keep up the good work and raise as much money as you can.
Lisa W
I'm walking in July 2010 5K for the first time for Cancer research, Not for one specific person but for all who are fighting cancer and who have lost. Someone cares......... I Do!
Me and my friend Holly are taking part in the race for life this year and our training hard :D I'm doing it for my grandad who died of cancer and also one of mums best friends pam who sadly died of breast cancer...Were hoping to raise alot of money in aid of this great charity x
I will be taking part in memory of my fantastic father.He sadly lost his battle to lung cancer in Jan 2008. My mum will also be taking part in memory of my dad. I think cancer research does a wonderful job i would do anything to raise money they so despretly need to keep finding diff ways to help many people with this awful disease. Good luck to every1 thats doing it, and here's to all the people and thier family that are and have gone through the battle.
I am doing Race for Life as the biggest thank-you I could make for my survival from bowel cancer, I decided to walk  5 km in the race for life, BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. the last time i ran in a race was 46 years ago , but I am training to run the 10K.
I am doing this for the first time in memory of my dad John Cooper who passed away last august of liver cancer, i really miss him, my 14 year old daughter is also joining me for race for life...
I am doing the race for life for my mum who got diagnosed with cancer on 1st of march. she has 3 children and she means everything to me. so i am hoping that she fights this really hard battle and keeps strong. LoveYou loads mum you mean the world to me <3 xxxx
firstly i am doing the race for life for my nan,who had breast cancer,but thanks to the wonderful staff at exeter hospital it was found and treated succesfully,and she is now well and over it.secondly for all the women out there with or who have breast cancer,or any cancer.im running for you..and to top it off im running "hopefully" in a mascot hello kitti princess outfit.itll be hot but worth it to get that extra bit of sponsership..
I am running the race for life for the first time this year with Amber, Lillie, Lisa, Sian and Laura.
 My daughter Josie (13) was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma on 21st May 2009 and sadly lost her very brave fight with this awful desease on 7th Feb 2010.
Hi this year I will be taking part on behalf of my mum she died when I was 13 and I am now 18. I done it the first year that she passed away but someone had stolen our money that we has raised so now I am even more keen to raise more. I loved my mum and was verry close to her so this is for anyone who is or has sufferd what my family and I had gone though.
We are a group of female staff and students in year 10 from the Robert Napier School. We are all running for different reasons because cancer has touched us all in one way or another, for the sporting challenge and a great activity for students and staff to share.
My mum got breast cancer 2 years ago aged 36 she lost her battle January 19th 2010. My mum is the reason for me doing it she was my inspiration. Me and both my sisters one aged 8 and the other 15 miss her so much and want to stop the heart ache for others and to raise money to help find a cure.
i want to do this for my nan. She was one in a million but sadly lost her battle with lung cancer.
i love you nan xx
My mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and a brain tumour - she's started radiotherapy and we hope and pray that this will cure her.  I'm doing Race 4 Life in for her, because she is being so brave and it makes me proud to be called her daughter.
My Mother-In-Law passed away on March 27 of Leukeamia after a 6 month battle. We thought we would lose her before Christmas, so we're grateful for the extra time we had with her.  We miss her very much and that is why i'm doing the race. Hopefully the money will help many people beat cancer.
I am doing the 10K and the 5k this year to say thanks to everyone who helped me get through the last 18 months after I was diagnosed with breast cancer...
Just under 2 years ago my best friend died of a brain tumour and I've never forgotten her an never will but I found out when I was about to go to perform at the CBSO hall so me and the rest of mine and Oli s (My best friend that died)best friends huddled into a circle and cried our broken hearts out. I love you Oli xxxx
This is my first time for taking part in Race For Life, and i am doing this in memory of my mum. She passed away this January of a rare cancer that she had been battling for a couple of years. She was only 48 and has left behind four kids, we all miss her dearly and i am hoping this will prove to her that we are thinking of her always. She was a great mum and her momory lives on in us.
This is the 1st time for me and I'm doing it in memory of my late father in law, Bhim Singh Johal, known as 'Bob'. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and liver metastases when his son and I came back from our honeymoon back in July 2004. He simply couldn't be treated and passed away 2months to the day we got married (August 26th 2004).May you rest in peace dad. Lots of Love from us all, you're always in our hearts. XXX
I am taking part in race for life because Cancer Research UK is a cause that means so much to me.I will be racing in memory of loved ones who couldn't beat this disease and in celebration of those loved ones which have.  In memory of Aunty Sylvia whose battle ended 14.03.10, Grandad 14.09.00, Aunty Sheila 10.08.00 and Nan 08.08.97 Gone but never forgotten. I will do all I can to support this worthwhile cause to ensure that more people can beat this disease.
I am taking part in this years race for life in memory of my dearest dad. I will be doing the race with my good friends from TESCO  and my sister-in-law Brenda. I will also be thinking of the great Sir Bobby Robson who died last year.
I'm doing it with our friends Because We have lost People whilst they was fighting the battle for cancer :( Loveyouu
- I'm taking part for the first time this year with my friend Jane.I lost my beloved mum last august to cancer and Jane has sadly lost her mum this year too. My sister is a volounter helper and all our family will be there to have a big picnic and remember our amazing mums....this is our little bit  to thank them for all they did for us. Love you mum xx
I am taking part in the Race for Life for the first time this year in memory of my Dad, Michael Harrup, loved and missed by all his family, xx.
(16/01/2010 16:11:08)  
i will be doing race for life for my nan!
unfortunatly most members of my family have suffered with cancer, but my nanny ivy was the best friend anyone could ask for, she passed away in 2002 and i still miss her! god took the best angel!
- kayleigh
This is my third race for life; each one done in a different location, but all for the same reason. I am walking/running in memory of my Uncle Ray who was taken from us far to early and also my boyfriends grandparents.
It's always a moving experience and the money definately goes to a worth while cause! x x
- Hannah
This will be my 3rd year of running the race for life. My dad is currently bravely fighting terminal cancer, I am so proud of him. Sadly I lost my 2nd Mum Maureen to cancer and miss her terribly. This is for you both x
- Kim
Its my first time that im doing the race for life.I doing it for my gran who passed away last december with breast cancer.Me,my mother in law and my friend are doing the race for life together in june.
- Katie
(16/01/2010 14:12:09)  
i am doing the race for life for my mum who passed away 10 years ago of breast cancer
- cheryl hineson
(15/01/2010 19:53:40)  
I will be running the Race for Life in memory of my wonderful Auntie Sylvia Wyatt (John) xxx
- Jacquii
(15/01/2010 14:19:11)  
I will be doing race for life for my husband Robert Butler who died October 2009 from Pancreatic cancer, he was very brave throughout. He was only 45 years old when he died and leaves twin boys of 6yrs and a daughter of 9yrs.
- Claire
My name is johanna i am 12 i will be taking part in the race for life this year for everyone that has breast cancer. and i will hopfully be doing it every year now.
- Johanna
(15/01/2010 14:10:43) 
My 2 year old daughter and me will be taking part in R4L in Norwich again this year in memory of my mum and dad who have both passed away from cancer. Taking part means so much to me, espically now I am a mum myself. Although we are not from Norfolk, we take part in the Norwich event as mum and dad were NCFC supporters and being in Norwich brings back so many happy memories.

Good Luck to everyone taking part this year - here's to a good day out!

Zoe & Lily
- Zoe & Lily
(15/01/2010 13:32:25)  
I will be running this year with my mum and my best friend. My mother lost her mother to cancer, I battled breast cancer last year and am one year clear and my best friend Julie's mum has been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer.
- Kirstie and Julie
(15/01/2010 12:47:33)  
Im doing this for everyone. Everyone who has ever suffered, to help pay for the research for those are still suffering. But mostly for my dear nan, who sadly passed away christmas eve 2009. We all love you nan, and know you'll live forever in our hearts.
Come on girls, let's pull together!
- Laura Cooper

(14/01/2010 21:27:29)
im doing race for life this year as my lovely dad died a few months ago in july 2009 from pancreatic cancer which is very hard to detect so i hope the money we all raise will go towards more research for that cancer and many others .
- justine edwards
(14/01/2010 19:56:35)
I will be running the Race for Life again this year in loving memory of my friends daughter "Sammmy" who died in 2008 of a very rare form of childrens cancer "Neuroblastoma" she was aged 5.
The race is so much fun, keeps you fit and raises money for a good cause all at the same time. What could be better. x x x
- Rachel Carrington
(14/01/2010 19:51:50)
My grandchildren's other Nanny - Nanny Pat - survived breast cancer, but was sadly taken last year by a heart problem. She was a special friend, not just to me, but to many people and is greatly missed by us all. I've walked the Race before but this year I want to run it in her memory.
- Linda
(14/01/2010 13:25:50)
i would like to take part in the race for life in memory of abest friend and my daughters godmother who passed away two years ago and we think about her and miss her every day xxxx
- kaylee thompson
(14/01/2010 12:43:50)
i will be racing this year with my dear mum who suffered breast cancer 9yrs ago and is still here xxx
- melissa
(14/01/2010 11:04:10)
I'm doing this race for my Mum and Step dad.
My mum has had Bowel Cancer on both sides. She was diagnosed 4 years ago with Bowel Cancer on the left hand side. After a big operation she made a full recovery. Two years down the line she was diagnosed again with it this time on the right hand side. Another big operation but my amazing Mum made a full recovery.I keep saying my Mum is like a Cat, she has nine lives.
In between these two major operations my Step Dad was diagnosed with a tumor in his stomach. After Chemo and care, lots of tears and love he is on the mend.
Doing this race is for the survival of my parents. I want the research into treatment to continue.
My message to all you ladies out there is to come and join the race and have some fun.
I have done this race in the past and the atmosphere is amazing. Its also overwhelming reading all the messages. But the key message is if we don't raise the money, Research into Treatment won't continue.
Let's make this a race to remember.....
See you all there

Tina x
- Tina Dearden
(13/01/2010 20:38:29) 
My died of breast cancer in may 1998 so i will be doing it in her memory she was the best nan and still think of her.
- Amanda

(13/01/2010 16:31:56) 
i have done race for life before , and i am going to do it again . my mom is terminally ill with cancer at the moment and she is so very brave xxxx
- lynsey bradley
(13/01/2010 16:29:54) 
(13/01/2010 16:26:49)
we did race 4 life for my mother and katies grandma and her aunty we were very moved by how many women were taking part we will be doing it again this year so everyone get your trainers out and join in

- lesley and katie barnard
(13/01/2010 14:47:21)  
(13/01/2010 10:03:56)  
5 years ago my aunt died at 30 of breast cancer that spread quickly she left 3 children all young.the gene runs in the family and my mum has tested positive for the bracha 2 gene she had a hysterectomy and mascetomy were they found the start of cancer last year but luckily was removed during the op and she ok i have now got to be tested for the gene and would like to do the race of life for all my family and my aunt r.i.p julie.xxxxxxxxxxx
- emma
(13/01/2010 08:27:32) 
Last March we lost my Dad to bowell cancer, he was diagnosed the previous August, but he was determined to fight it, unfortunately he had left a bit too late and the cancer had spread to his liver, he was always one to do things his way and I will never forget how he fought this terrible disease all the way. Dad had great sense of humour and could always make me laugh, which is one of the things I miss most. I will be running the race for life at Sherborne Castle for him and I know he will be with me every step of the way.
- Carol Watkins
I would love to take part in Race for Life because I love helping out and I lost my GrandFather to cancer last year on Children In Need night, nothing can be compared to him, he was simply the best!
- Nadine
(13/01/2010 08:22:42) 
my mum died 6 years ago she was only 57 she loved life so much she fought lung cancer and won and had 5 years before it returned to her brain what a cruel diesese me and my brothers and sisters have all fallen out mum held our family together lifes so empty without her ive allways wanted to do this and im goin to hopefully with my daughters c u all there love u mum xxx

(13/01/2010 07:33:05)
hello im shannon i am 13 last year my mum got told she had cancer . she was really upset about it . my litel sister who was 7 didnt understand any off it so she was up set too and so was i my mum got mariied in april last year and had lots of treetment that made her loose her hair i ran the race for life last year because her work . she works with people who have disabilitys . they walked it for her and i wanted to do it for her and i ran it in like 28 minits . i am hoping to do it this year . get better soon mummy iloveyou .and get better soonn evryone else who has it &#9829; xx
- shannon 3dmunds
(13/01/2010 07:24:27)
I will be walking the race for life again this year with my daughter. This will be our 4th year and hopefully there will be many more to come.
My mum passed away Easter 2008 and is always in my thoughts.
- Christine Charlton
(12/01/2010 20:50:44)
my family and I will be getting involved for my mother who was the rock to this family in april we found she had lung cancer 2 weeks later spine and bones then brain she went from an independent women to a wheelchair couldnt even feed herself in 14 weeks my mum had died I cannot explain the shock and upset it has caused we will be doing all we can to raise money for cancer x
- tina custance
(12/01/2010 18:26:04)
I did race for life on 21st June 09 at chelmsford and my father died that night... next years race is for him.... RIP DAD... Peter Giles... Love Carol xx
- carol lione
(12/01/2010 15:19:17)
I want to race in memory of my granny Dorothy Pengelly who passed away 18.12.09 after fighting breast cancer. I miss her dearly.

- Amanda Coe
(12/01/2010 10:12:09) 
this will be my fourth race for life and this year my hubby said why do i not do the 10k so thats what i am doing seemed a good idea before i registered now not quite so sure, anyway its a brilliant day & loads of fun every woman should give it a go!!!!!!!!!
- camielle ashlin