Callers Trouble Connecting With Bedford Hospital

6 October 2014, 14:56

Bedford Hospital say they're currently experiencing problems with its switchboard.

The hospital says fter dialling the switchboard number (01234 355122) many callers are experiencing a delay of between eight and fifteen seconds before the auto attendant answers. 

This problem is also affecting some response group extension numbers. These delays give the impression that the line has been disconnected or that the number is out of service causing many callers to terminate their calls.

In a statement from the Hospital today: "We understand that this is frustrating for many people trying to get in contact with various people and departments within the hospital. Please be patient, the automated service is working but may take ten to fifteen seconds to answer or connect your calls. We are working hard to resolve the problem and will endeavour to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Thankyou for your patience."