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Central and Southern Europe will be hit with a heatwave over the last two weeks of June

UK heatwave – Brits set to be hit with a 29C heatwave today until the end of June

As the heatwave sweeps across the country, people are being urged to look after their dogs, cats and other animals.

Is it too hot to walk your dog and can you give your pooch ice cubes to cool them down?

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Hay fever sufferers desperate to know when grass pollen season ends

The June heatwave weather has been revealed

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July UK weather forecast revealed as Brits hope for a hot summer

The pollen count for this week has been revealed

What is the pollen count this week? Latest forecast revealed as hay fever sufferers warned

June 2024 weather has been wet and windy so far

Why has it been so cold in June in 2024?

The summer solstice in the UK marks the official start of the warmer months

When is summer solstice 2024? Date, what happens and all you need to know

June's weather has been disappointing for many living in the UK

Is this going to be the coldest June on record? Brits left worried over summer forecast

Clear blue sky and girl eating an ice cream

First scorching UK heatwave forecast for June 2024 - exact date revealed

A weather map has shown where people can expert warm temperatures this June

These are the dates expected to be the hottest this summer according to science

Three heatwaves are set to roll into London over June

Will there be a heatwave in June? The latest Met Office forecast revealed

The sun has finally arrived for much of the UK!

UK weather: Saturday expected to be hottest day of the year with highs of 26C

The August heatwave is expected to last around 10 days

Will there be a UK heatwave in May? Met Office respond to reports

A heatwave is set to hit the UK this week

When April 2024 heatwave will hit UK with highs of 20C forecast