July heatwave will start 'sooner than expected' as weather maps forecast scorching temperatures

9 July 2024, 11:04 | Updated: 9 July 2024, 14:30

The weather is set to improve later in July
The weather is set to improve later in July. Picture: Getty/Alamy

By Hope Wilson

New weather maps have revealed we could see hot temperatures sooner than we thought...

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With reports of a 'heat dome' coming to the UK in the coming weeks, a new weather map has confirmed that we may experience sizzling temperatures very soon.

So far summer 2024 has been off to a dreary start with a chilly June causing many of us to wonder when the hot weather will arrive.

While the Met Office have forecast temperatures are set to increase later this month, Netweather TV have given an in-depth prediction on when we can expect summer to start.

They are forecasting highs of late-20C, with the potential of 30C seen in parts of the country within the next week.

People are hoping for hot weather soon
People are hoping for hot weather soon. Picture: Getty

For 8th of July to the 14th of July, Netweather report: "After a cool start to the week, temperatures will generally be above the seasonal average but not exceptionally so, with most places seeing low to mid-20s Celsius by day, although there are likely to be some warm muggy nights, particularly in the south-east.

"However, heat will be building in central parts of Europe, and so there is a chance of some of this heat briefly making it into parts of England, especially the east and south, late in the week, bringing potential for high 20s and low 30s Celsius."

Netweather are predicting warmer weather soon
Netweather are predicting warmer weather soon. Picture: Alamy

Unfortunately it looks like the hot weather won't be here for long, with Netweather predicting: "This is likely to be short-lived as there are signs that the east Atlantic trough will start to push eastwards towards Britain late in the week, turning the weather cooler and more unsettled."

They continue: "Temperatures are thus forecast to be above the 1991-2020 long-term normal for most, probably by 1 to 2°C in most of central, southern and eastern England, and around 2°C in inland parts of East Anglia and the south-east."

Hot weather is hopefully on its way in the coming weeks
Hot weather is hopefully on its way in the coming weeks. Picture: Alamy

Rounding off their forecast, Netweather state: "However, Northern Ireland and western Scotland may miss out on most of the warmth, and in these regions temperatures are forecast to be very close to the long-term normal.

"Both rainfall and sunshine totals will probably not be far from normal in most parts of the UK, although there may be substantial regional variation in the rainfall totals, with potential for slow-moving bands of rain and/or thundery downpours to affect some areas of the country, while others stay predominantly dry."