Exact date UK to be hit by sizzling 30C 'heat dome' in 10-day heatwave

8 July 2024, 11:55

A 'heat dome' has been predicted
A 'heat dome' has been predicted. Picture: Getty

By Hope Wilson

We could finally be having our first July heatwave in the coming weeks...

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July has seen rain, thunderstorms and cool temperatures so far, after a chilly June only had one heatwave the whole month.

While we expect temperatures to rise in summer, many of us have been left bemused by the cold weather that has disrupted our July plans.

However we may see some scorching temperatures soon, as forecasters Exacta Weather have predicted that the UK could see "some sort of potential heat dome scenario" in the coming weeks.

The weather agency have predicted that we could soon see highs of 30C in mid-July, with the country set to experience "extreme heat".

A 'heat dome' has been predicted for July
A 'heat dome' has been predicted for July. Picture: Getty

Exacta Weather state: "The expected and well-promised pattern change for July 10–20, particularly July 15–17, is now on and imminent for some very hot to potentially extreme heat, which is now on the horizon for many parts of the country within the next several days.

"The overnight and latest GFS runs have now also intensified, bringing earlier hot weather and potentially extreme heat to our shores within this same period in July, particularly for in and around the 17th July, when it could become exceptionally hot for large parts of the UK and Ireland, and from as early as next weekend will see things starting to warm up as summer returns."

People are hoping for warmer weather in July
People are hoping for warmer weather in July. Picture: Alamy

However the Met Office have been more reserved when it comes to predicting how the rest of the month will look.

Their long range forecast for Friday 12th July to Sunday 21st July reads: "Many areas should start this period mostly dry as a ridge of high pressure dominates the UK. It should feel pleasant enough in mostly light winds and sunshine, with temperatures generally near average, but some rural areas could experience chilly nights.

"However there is also a chance that rain may fringe into easternmost and southwesternmost areas at times. Then a transition to more generally changeable conditions looks most likely, though with a northwest-southeast split in fortunes.

"Northwestern areas will probably see more in the way of cloud and rain, whereas southeastern parts stand a better chance of longer periods of drier and at times, somewhat warmer weather. However, some rain may extend further southeast across all parts of the UK from time to time."

The weather will become drier as July continues
The weather will become drier as July continues. Picture: Alamy

But it does look like things may brighten up between Monday 22nd July to Monday 5th August, with the forecaster stating: "There are some signs of a slightly greater than normal chance of a more prolonged settled spell developing at some point during the period, at least for a time, and perhaps more likely in the south.

"However, by the same token further, perhaps shorter, unsettled interludes are probable too. Above average temperatures overall, and drier than average conditions overall, are very slightly favoured."