August 2024 UK weather forecast revealed as Brits hope for a heatwave

11 July 2024, 14:42

August weather in the UK shows some promising signs of summer
August weather in the UK shows some promising signs of summer. Picture: Getty

By Zoe Adams

What is the weather going to be like in August 2024? Will there be a heatwave or has the Met Office forecast more rain? Here's the outlook for the summer holidays.

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July's summer weather in the UK has been less than pleasing with colder than average temperatures and plenty of rain leaving many Brits severely disappointed - so will August be any better?

With the school summer holidays upon us, a bank holiday to look forward to and BBQ season, many are hoping the August weather can make up for the last two months bringing plenty of sunshine, dry conditions and even the hope of a heatwave.

So what has the Met Office said? Looking at their long range forecast, there are definitely some promising signs for the UK, but of course, better reliability comes at closer range.

Here's what the August 2024 UK weather forecast is so far and the chances of a heatwave.

Beach-worthy weather may be on the way for Brits in August according to latest weather reports
Beach-worthy weather may be on the way for Brits in August according to latest weather reports. Picture: Getty

What is the Met Office weather forecast for August 2024?

At present, the Met Office has only made predictions up until the 8th August but there are "encouraging signs" that summer could actually arrive.

They said: "There remain encouraging signs of a more settled spell developing at some point during the period, at least for a time, and perhaps more likely in the south.

"However, by the same token further, perhaps shorter, unsettled interludes are likely too, and confidence in the broad weather patterns during this period is much lower than average."

Young girl on the beach
Heatwaves in the UK are more likely in August according to experts. Picture: Getty

So what are the chances of a heatwave? At the moment, it's too early to call a prolonged period of hot weather but temperatures are looking more positive.

The long range forecast added: "Above average temperatures overall, and drier than average conditions overall, are slightly favoured."

Other forecasters have also agreed warmer temperatures could be coming as an Iberian plume of hot air is moving our way.

With conditions looking set to improve as early as this month, Netweather TV explained: "There is quite a strong signal for pressure to be above normal to the north of Britain during this week (end of July), with the jet stream running to the south, sending low pressure systems across the British Isles at times.

"However, relatively high pressure to the north-east may result in southerly winds remaining relatively frequent, and there are indications that the jet stream may end up rather weak, meaning not a total washout for most of the country, with an emphasis on shallow low pressure systems."