Warning Over Tax Rebate Scam

12 January 2011, 16:56

Police in Northampton are warning about a 'tax rebate' scam targeting the elderly in the town.

Elderly people in the town have received over the last few days from someone confirming they to receive a £7,000 tax rebate.

They are told they require personal bank details so that this rebate can be paid into an account.
Names used by the callers include Eric Wilson and Jennifer Jones and on these occasions the callers had distinctive Indian accents.
Crime prevention officer Phil Laker, based at Weston Favell police station, said: "Fortunately none of the targets fell for the scam but it is probably only a matter of time before someone does.
"The clear advice is never to give personal financial information or bank details to anyone, let alone someone you do not know who has cold called you.
"If you have any concerns about anyone in this respect, please contact us on 03000 111 222."