Herts businesswoman cooks up deal

19 October 2010, 05:55

A Hertfordshire businesswoman's - who came up with a cottage-industry website - has just signed a major deal with Tesco.

Carol Savage created www.mydish.co.uk, an on-line facility to share people's favourite home-made or family-favourite recipes.

Carol told heart "I came up with the idea my mother-in-law passed away. My husband brought back scraps of paper with recipes on them and I was going to throw them away - but my husband remembered the recipes from when he was a child.  I realised how personal family recipes can get lost if they are not stored properly - and the website came from there."

Tesco became involved after pitching the idea on a tv business competition. 

It now means, people who see a recipe - can order the ingredients for just that dish and have it delivered - without the waste of too much food that's not wanted.

Carol says it's been so successful, she's now employing 3 full time and 4 part-time staff "I think why should all these great global companies be American.  I actually want this to go around the world, that's my goal.  We've got a few steps to go, and we've got some really fun ideas".