Herts Man Lives In Shipping Container

Man spends two weeks inside a shipping container to raise the profile of human trafficking.

Phil Knight from St.Albans, has just emerged from the inside of a shipping container, having spent the last two weeks inside.

He decided to restrict himself to solitary confinement to raise awareness of human trafficking by experiencing extensive isolation and extreme deprivation.

Phil was kept alive by minimal food (4 packets of breakfast cereal…) and water for basic survival - surviving with a portaloo, sleeping bag, journal and a pair of drumsticks for company.

Phil says the campaign illustrates a small part of what those being trafficked and tortured endure every day.

Phil also has written and co-produced a track to raise funds for the Foundation - available at www.justenoughfortherealworld.com, iTunes & Amazon

Previously Phil's broke a world record for drumming for 4 and a half days consecutively - raising over £4000 for the JustEnoughForTheRealWorld Foundation.