Huge Gas Explosion In Bletchley

26 June 2014, 08:48 | Updated: 26 June 2014, 10:11

Gas explosion Bletchley

Homes shake as loud bangs heard across Bletchley after gas explosion.

Homes have been evacuated after a huge explosion in Bletchley.

Fire crews received as many as 20 calls a around 4:44am to a house well alight in Turnberry Close. 

Neighbour Samantha Pancheri woke to her house shaking and rang 999: "The first bang shook the house and woke us all up.

"There were two or three smaller bangs shortly after that."

Neighbour Samantha Pancheri Calls 999 After Loud Bangs Heard

20 firefighters tackled the blaze which spread to two homes, four were evacuated safely, with two elderly people taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The fire service told Heart they believe a LPG barbecue exploded in a garage of one of the houses. 

Buckinghamshire Fire Service are now investigating the cause of the fire.