Icy conditions on the roads

9 January 2011, 11:16 | Updated: 9 January 2011, 11:23

The ice has been causing problems on the roads this morning (Sunday)

There have been several accidents on the M1 - which have led the lane closures and delays.

In Northamptonshire police say roads across the county are extremely slippy and are asking people to drive with care.

Cambridgeshire Police say the conditions have tested the resources of emergency services to the limit. Between 6am and 10.30am crews were called to more than 30 accidents. Police say gritting is taking place and they're asking drivers to adjust their speed to suit the conditions.

In Hertfordshire you're being told only to get in the car if they journey's necessary. If you do have to travel, you're being told to go slower than usual, in a high gear and accelerate and break gently, especially at bends.