Jail For Daventry Man Who Killed Best Friend

A Daventry man has been jailed for killing his best friend - someone he'd known since primary school.

18 year-old Ryan Johal (pictured) has been found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Stanley Harrison.

Johal was given a sentence of 5 years and three months at Northampton Crown Court following a six day trial.

Stanley was stabbed on June 14, 2014 following an argument between the two at the defendant’s home in Daventry. 

Stanley Harrison and Ryan Johal had been best friends for many years, having met at primary school.

They were inseparable and knew each other like brothers, having argued before and even having the odd scuffle. The tragedy is that Johal took this argument a step further by arming himself with a deadly weapon.

Detective Inspector Louise Hemingway said: “We welcome the fact that Ryan Johal has been found guilty of causing the death of Stanley Harrison, however we share the disappointment of Stanley’s family that he was not found guilty of murder.

"Ryan Johal chose to arm himself with a deadly weapon following a petty argument that escalated to physical violence. He then killed his best friend.

The part that drink and drugs played in this tragic incident is hard to quantify, but it is a factor and should serve as a warning to all those who choose to take drugs and alcohol.

Our thoughts and condolences are with Stanley’s family at this time."

Following the verdict, Stanley Harrison's family issued the following statement:

"With this verdict, we feel that Stanley has been robbed of his life and now of justice too. We believe that his ‘friend’, Ryan Johal, did mean to murder him, with jealously being the motive.

Stanley loved life and enjoyed it to the full. He was no different to any other teenager and he did not deserve to have his life cut short in this way.

We are devastated that we have lost Stanley and life will never be the same again, especially for his mother. He was the love of her life and her soul mate. She is left empty and devoid of life without him.

We would like to thank the police for all they have done for us during this dreadful time. They have been very supportive of us all."