Love Luton Half Marathon Today

26 October 2014, 08:33

The 2014 Love Luton Half Marathon is taking place today!

Runners from across the region will be taking part in the 13.1 miles.

The run begins in Stockwood Park and out into Cutenhoe Road over to Park Street and into Luton Hoo.

Turning back and heading to Gypsy Lane, the runners then head into the town centre, before making their way out of town on the Old Bedford Road.

It's a left then into a windy route through Wardown Park, then it's back onto the Old Bedford Road, before taking in Barnfield Avenue and Ringwood Road.

At this point, runners start heading back into town around Gleneagles Drive and the Bushmead Road and rejoining the Old Bedford Road as it's the final leg before arriving back in town, by the Town Hall.

Road closures along the route will go into effect from 0930hrs and they should all be lifted by 1pm at the latest.

  • Barnfield Avenue - The whole length.
  • Bridge Street - The whole length.
  • Bushmead Road - The whole length.
  • Cromer Way - From its junction with Old Bedford Road to its junction with Lorimer Close.
  • Cutenhoe Road - The whole length.
  • George Street - The whole length.
  • Gleneagles Drive - The whole length.
  • Guilford Street - From its junction with Bridge Street to its junction with Old Bedford Road.
  • Hancock Drive - The whole length.
  • Hawkfields - The whole length.
  • Kingsdown Avenue - The whole length.
  • London Road - From its junction with Tennyson Road to its junction with Ludlow Avenue.
  • Manchester Street - From its junction with Gordon Street to its junction with George Street.
  • Old Bedford Road - The whole length.
  • Osborne Road - The whole length.
  • Park Street - The whole length.
  • Ringwood Road - The whole length.
  • Stockingstone Road - From its junction with Manton Drive to its junction with Wychwood Avenue.

See the route HERE