Man Dies From Burns In House Fire During FireFighters Strike

23 June 2014, 06:05 | Updated: 23 June 2014, 10:04

A man's died from the injuries he sustained in a house fire, which happened during a walkout by firefighters.

A man who was rescued from a house fire in Hertfordshire has died in hospital.

The blaze broke out on Saturday afternoon in Heronswood Road in Welwyn Garden City, during the firefighters strike.

Back-up crews were called to rescue the man from an upstairs window but he suffered severe burns.

A fire brigade spokesman said: "Had the strike not been on, the response most likely would have been faster.

"However, it is unclear at the moment if the outcome would have been different."

Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald said: “Our thoughts are with the man’s family at this time.

"We’re currently investigating the circumstances of the fire with specialist fire investigators from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. However at this stage no one is being sought in connection with the incident.”

Statement: Fire Brigades Union

Fire Brigades Union, general secretary Matt Wrack said: "This is tragic news. Firefighters have dedicated their professional lives to protecting the public and are always shocked and saddened by death or injury because of fire.

“Both Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and the government in Westminster have given strong assurances that robust alternative contingency arrangements were in place.

“We need to know exactly what happened and why, and the FBU will work to uncover all the circumstances. Central government needs to urgently end it's complacency in addressing this issue.

"We wrote to the Fire Minister on Friday seeking an urgent meeting aimed at resolving the dispute. We are awaiting a response."