Milton Keynes Monopoly revealed!

24 October 2014, 00:01

There's already versions for New York, London and Paris. Now Milton Keynes has its very own Monopoly board.

Monopoly's makers agreed to make a Milton Keynes version of the game in April, following campaigns on Facebook.

The board's 22 locations were voted for by the public, and include famous MK landmarks including Stadium MK, the Snozone and Daytona racing track.

Heart monopoly image

The coveted 'Mayfair' spot - the most expensive property on the London version - has been given to Bletchley Park. The second most expensive Milton Keynes attraction is Xscape, at 350 Monopoly pounds.

At the other end of the board are the concrete cows and Willen Lake, coming in at 60 Monopoly pounds each.

Players can also choose to invest their money in Milton Keynes train station, the National Badminton Centre, or our very own Heart 103.3, which is worth 220 Monopoly pounds.

Milton Keynes Monopoly is available to buy from today.