MK Dinner Dates Entrepreneur Goes Live

3 September 2011, 06:00

An idea similar to "Come Dine With Me" is going on-line, thanks to an entrepreneur who wants us all to get "social with food".

Christopher Tau from Milton Keynes has created a new on-line service, to create and share local dinner parties in their area.

Christopher told Heart the idea is very simple: "People sign-up for free and scroll through a list of events happening in their local areas.  They can sign-up to obtain contact details for people hosting parties or can offer to host a party of their own."

Christopher says it's a great way of making new friends and enjoying great meals: "People who will benefit from this will be those who enjoy the social aspect of eating and people who are looking for fun. People won't necessarily need to be a professional chef to offer the dinners parties to be on the website. The fact they'll be many amateur chefs and cooks, means it'll really spark lots of interesting conversations."

Christopher added: "Food is inherently social. Where-ever you're eating you're going to be talking; or talking about the food with the people around you, whilst you're eating. It will also help you with your networking too."