Thieves Pose as Lost Tourists

1 March 2011, 11:23 | Updated: 8 March 2011, 12:01

Beds Police are urging shoppers to be on their guard against two thieves posing as lost tourists.

In two cases in Dunstable women returning home from shopping were approached by two men claiming to need directions to Manchester.

One man produced a large map of the UK to distract the victim while the other got in her car, searched her handbag and stole bank cards. One of the victims was in her mid-seventies.

The thieves struck on February 23 and February 14.

Crime Investigator, Gillian Cook-Smith, said both mens were of Eastern European appearance. One was aged about 30, 6ft tall, of average build, with very short parted hair and a small moustache.

The second was in his 40s, stocky and bald, with the exception of grey hair around the sides of his head.

She said: "We want the public to be aware of these offences in case they are approached in a similar way. The map is used to distract the victim and block any view of the second offender entering the car. We would also remind shoppers to check no-one is watching when entering a pin number at a till, or cashpoint machine, and never to write the number down."