Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully winning

I have done 4 racefor lifes. I have been fighting cancer for 5 years and hopefully winning. My darling husband was not so lucky and i lost him to prostate cancer and also my dear sister in law to bowel cancer. The fight must go on and that is why I support cancer research.

Great atmosphere

This was my first race for life and l really enjoyed doing it the atmosphere was great, I lost my sister at 49 to breast cancer two years ago and she has left a big hole in all our lives, but she will never be forgotten. Also to my auntie Joyce my cousin Deb my dad Frank and my Brother Gary all died from cancer, This is to them and all the other people who have lost their lives to cancer. See you all next year for annother Race for Life. x x

The Green Tops

We took part in race for life in memory of my dad paul delo who sadly passed away in june from kidney cancer. so all the family got together to take part in this amazing event. we all went and brought green tops as that's the colour of the kidney cancer ribbon.  we all miss and love you lots xxx


This is my first race for life and i am doing it with my daughter jade who is 14 and my good friend laura ellis who has coached me all the way,,we are doing the race in memory of my dear mother-in-law sue and for my sister-in-law nikie who has just finished her cemo ,she was going to do the race with me today but wasnt feeling up to it my heart,love and soul goes out to them and all that have lost there fight and those that are still fighting love to all xxxxx


My six year old daughter and I did the race for life today in folkestone in 45 mins, I was so proud of her. I lost my mum when Holly was only 20 months old and I miss her terribly. We raised £250 between us. Well done to everyone who has taken part.
Karen xxx


My step mum whose more like my mum anyway is second time around cancer this time she had a malignant brain tumour removed the size of a fist she has a 6 inch scar on her head . She has just finished radiotherapy which loosened all her teeth and her face partially collapsed and now she has a macular hole in her retina abd is partially blind but she's here fighting like a good un' I myself have menieres disease abd on Thursday just gone I had huge attack 5 hours unconcious ob the floor ten hours total room spin and tinitus I thought I wasn't going to make today! But I did I ran 23 mins 55 secs I was 19th it's all for you mum you keep fighting xx

Teresa Atkin

My sister, my sister in law, my niece who is 10 and myself took part in race for life today at fontwell. We were taking part in aid of my mum who died 3 years ago, my mum-in-law who managed to beat breast cancer and my cousin who had her operation on Friday to remove a tumour from her breast and now faces many months of chemotherapy. This is the 3rd year I have done it now and every year there is a great sense of achievement and fantastic atmosphere.
Teresa Atkin

Lorraine Lynn

This is my first race for life both me and my daugther did the race at Maidstone, we did this race for my mum who sadly passed away from cancer in 2004, hope to do the race again had a brilliant day x

Kimberley Walder

This was my 5th year doing Race For Life. I do it in memory of My Nan June who we sadly lost to Overian Cancer on November 18th 1999. I will keep doing Race For Life every year for My Nan, She meant so much to me.

Jessica Simmonds

I ran maidstone race for life for my Auntie. She is beating Malignant Melonoma. I don't wish anyone to go through what my Auntie did .So to you all out there Be Sun Smart! I am 12years old and this was my idea to run today 6/06/10 I took my mum Sarah with me, we had a great time and so did my Auntie as a spectator with my Dad.

Fareedah Mahama

My uncle died last year so I was doing it for him. I did 5k today (6.6.2010). It was really fun so i will do it again next year!

Amanda King

Myself my mum wendy and my daughter who is 2 did race for life at mote park in maidstone today(6th june), although we were the last across the line we received so many cheers and i am so proud of phoebe for making the whole 5km. We raced for all our friends and family that we have lost and are currently fighting the disease.

Pauline Hodge

I jogged the Race the For Life with my cousin Angie,I did it for my mum Isobel Willis who has had cancer twice and thankfully survived and Angies mum, my mums sister, who recently got over cancer,also thier older sister Marg, who is here today, and my friends nephew who is suffering from leukeamia,and fighting hard bless him.

Ann Harwood

This was my 3rd Race for Life and it was a total brilliant experience. There are too many of us that are affected by this awful thing and I just wanted to help to make a difference.


My name is Shannon & i am 5 years old. I am taking part in the race for life in memory of my Grandad who passed away in March this year. He died of Pancreatic Cancer & none of the family knew that he had it, i want to help raise money to try to find a cure. I lost a very dear person in my life, love you Grandad, Sleep Well x x x x

Sarah Preston

A friend sadly lost her battle with cervical cancer this year aged 28. I took part in race for to help raise funds so other friend and family don't have to go through pain of losing a loved one. She will be sadly missed x x


Well done to all that ran in the race for life yesterday at mote park in maidstone, had a fab day with the the heart crew, met the fantastic Gemma from heart breakfast, the whole team looked after everyone  before, during and after the race..... brilliant day.
From Caz in Rainham, Kent.

Dawn Anderson

This was my first year in taking part in the race for life and it won't be my last. I am celerbating my five year all clear from breast cancer. Thank you to everyone, medical ,friends and family who got me there. Well done too all the girl's big and small who took part in the race for life, it was such an emotional time but worth every tear. A BIG thank you too everyone that sponsored me and thank you too my two wonderful daughters and very dear friends even the one's that could'nt be there and for the lost ones that are in my heart. and of course Fred my dear husband Thank you for being there for me xx

Angela and Becca

I, my daughter Becca & her 2 friends did the Race for Life at Mote Park Maidstone today (15 May 2010) dressed up as Little Bo peep & her 3 sheep - you may have seen us! It's the 3rd year we've done this to cleebrate the lives of many family members and friends and certainly not the last.
Well done to us and to all of those who cam along to join in today. Lots of love to everyone x x x

Emma's Mum

I wanted to say well done to my mum who ran today at the tender age of 72 go mum you looked fab out there today.