372 Speeding Drivers in One Month

Kent Police have been targeting speeding motorists over the summer

Heart's been told a total of 372 drivers were caught speeding in just one week.

Kent Police worked with the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership to clamp down over the summer months.

Officers from Kent Police's Motorcycle Unit worked with safety camera sites to catch anyone speeding.

Around six people are killed on Kent's roads every month with many more seriously injured.

PC Dave Greenwood from the Motorcycle Unit who led the operation said:

‘Kent Police takes a zero tolerance approach to speeding, which is why we organise regular enforcement and education operations such as this one.

‘The consequences of driving in a dangerous, irresponsible and anti social manner can be disastrous.

‘Keep your speed down, don't try to make up for lost time by breaking the speed limit, keep your distance from other vehicles on the roads and try to avoid being distracted.’

Other offences included motorists using mobile phones, not wearing seat belts, and having no insurance.