6 Years For Cleaver Attack

A man has been sentenced to 6-years imprisonment after being found guilty of a frenzied attack in which he repeatedly hit his victim with a meat cleaver.

55-year-old Girdaware Basra who is from Gravesend, appeared at Croydon Crown Court after being found guilty of the attempted murder of a 31-year-old man and causing grievous bodily harm to a 42-year-old woman.
Basra had been at a family gathering at Beaumont Drive, Gravesend where he became involved in an argument with his ex-partner and her new partner. During the altercation he took a meat cleaver and attacked a 31-year-old man, repeatedly hitting him over the head causing serious injuries. The 42-year-old woman attempted to intervene but another blow resulted in her receiving a serious injury to her hand.
Throughout the trial, which was held at Maidstone Crown Court, Basra denied the brutal attack. Despite this, a wealth of evidence was presented to the court and the jury were able to reach a unanimous guilty verdict.
Sentencing Basra to a minimum of 6-years and 62-days, Judge Jeremy Gold said: "You have not shown a flicker of emotion and you are prone to explosive fits of violence."
The sentence issued will run for an indeterminate period meaning that Basra must service a minimum of 6-years until he will be considered for release and will only be released if he is no longer a risk to the public.
Investigating officer, Detective Constable Richard Maw said: "This was a brutal horrific attack which took place whilst children were in the property. The sentence reflects the severity of the crime and Basra will not be considered for release from prison until he can prove he is no longer a risk to the public.
"Basra has failed to show any remorse for subjecting his victims to this ordeal and I hope that those affected will now be able to move forward with their lives.
"This conviction has been secured as a result of meticulous and thorough work from investigative and forensic officers and by working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service.?"