Allington: Drivers Ignore Seatbelt Rules

7 August 2014, 13:44 | Updated: 7 August 2014, 13:50

Fixed penalty notices have been issued to 17 people for not wearing seatbelts as part of a roads safety operation by Kent police in Allington.

Volunteer officers set up static road checks on Saturday 2 August, to identify drivers in breach of traffic legislation, which also included driving with no MOT.

Special Constables carried out checks on the A20, London Road and stopped a total of 83 road users. As well as seat belt offences officers identified one driver who was found to be disqualified and with no insurance. The driver was reported to the courts and had his vehicle seized. A further three vehicles were reported for not having a valid MOT certificate.

Specials development officer, PC Ian Packer said the day was aimed primarily at protecting road users from serious harm or injury. PC Packer said: "Drivers were targeted who we believe were putting themselves, as well as other road users and members of the public, at risk of serious injury. It is simply unacceptable in this day and age to not be wearing a seatbelt, whether you are the driver or a passenger in a back seat and the penalties road users have incurred will hopefully make them think twice in the future."

The operation was assisted by officers from Home Office Immigration Enforcement as well as the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency, which prohibited seven vehicles from being driven on a road until the owners have rectified defects.

PC Packer added: "It is up to motorists to ensure that their vehicles are regularly maintained and fit for purpose. Problems such as a faulty brake light or worn tyres can considerably increase the chances of you being involved in accidents. Indeed, the consequences of a collision as a result of defects on your vehicle are likely to be far higher than the cost of replacing parts or making repairs."