Author Guilty Over Indecent Images

An author from Dover has pleaded guilty to possessing and making indecent images of children

David Lyne-Gordon, an author, aged 57 of Sutton in Dover, was yesterday sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court to a three year community order, a sex offender treatment programme, and a sexual offenders prevention order (SOPO) for 5 years.

Lyne-Gordon was charged on 9 June 2010 with two counts of possesion of indecent images and nine counts of making indecent images of children.

He pleaded guilty at a later hearing.

On Tuesday (26/10/10), the court was told that Lyne-Gordon did not have the courage to admit he was responsible for downloading child abuse imagery or that he had a sexual interest in children. The Right Honourable Judge O'Mahony said ‘This is a tragedy, you are an intelligent man and you had a responsible job. You do have a sexual interest in children and you must be realistic to that.’

Kent Police received information from Eurotunnel that raised concerns about Lyne-Gordon and his use of work computers. On 1 December 2009, officers attended Lyne-Gordon’s  home and work addresses and seized computer equipment. Lyne-Gordon was arrested and interviewed this same day.

Kent Police’s Digital Forensics Unit conducted a full forensic analysis of the equipment and evidence of 115 level one indecent images of children were discovered.

Detective Sergeant David Shipley of Kent Police’s Public Protection Unit said: ‘Lyne-Gordon downloaded child abuse images at home and even at work, thus putting others at risk of being exposed to them. He tried to blame others, despite having the same images on both sets of equipment. This demonstrates the lengths people will go to offend and then try to avoid the consequences of their actions.

‘We are grateful to the staff at Eurotunnel for acting so swiftly and assisting the investigation to it’s successful conclusion.

‘It is important that Lyne-Gordon will now have to address his behaviour and be monitored for at least the next 5 years. Kent Police remains determined to seeking out anyone who targets children in this way, and are committed to bringing offenders before the courts.’