Cancer Survivor Speaks to Heart

7 June 2010, 00:00 | Updated: 7 June 2010, 08:29

A Kent man who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in his early twenties hopes by telling his story to Heart women will make their husbands or boyfriends more aware of the disease.


Alex Wainwright-Melnyk, 23, from Higham had to have three months worth of chemotherapy and is now in remission.
He's been speaking during Everyman Cancer Awareness Month which aims to get more men aware of the symptoms of male-specific cancers.
Click here to listen to Alex's story
Although testicular cancer is relatively rare - there were 12 cases diagnosed at Medway Maritime Hospital last year - it is more common among young aged between 15 and 44.
However, it is 99 per cent curable if caught early enough.
Irina Vieira is a Urology Nurse Specialilst at Medway Maritime, she said: "Many men are too embarrassed to seek help and advice if they begin to experience any of the symptoms of these male-only cancers which is why so many are in the later stages by the time they are referred to us.
"If we can encourage men to talk openly and honestly and without any shame or embarrassment, then more lives can be saved."