Police 'Rein-in' Deer

Police say they've prevented a potential traffic accident after catching a deer about to head onto the A2

PC’s Paul Donavan, Gemma Sherwin and James Murrell were called to Denstead Lane at around 7.40am this morning (30 December) after a concerned member of the public spotted the aging stag, with full antlers, about to stray onto the dual carriageway.

The officers herded the animal into a wooded area and then amazingly managed to catch him using an improvised lasso made from police equipment.  

The team then made some inquiries and contacted a local man who keeps deer, despite the stag not being one of his own, he kindly agreed to take charge of the animal and rehabilitate it.

PC Paul Donovan said: ‘We have called the stag Ruldolph and he will now live out his twilight years with other deer’s and a field full of emus. As for how he came to be there, it remains a mystery, perhaps he was abandoned when he couldn’t keep pace with the sleigh?

‘On a serious note I am pleased that we prevented him getting onto the A2, at very least there would have been serious traffic delays caused or at worse he may have been hit by a car and cause harm to himself and motorists.’