CCTV Pictures After Bus Stop Attack

Kent Police issue CCTV after teenager assaulted at Maidstone bus stop

Police have give us these images after what they are describing as a sexual assault on a 16 year old girl happened at a bus stop last Saturday (25 September) at around 16.20pm.

The victim was at Maidstone West Train Station when she caught sight of a man wearing green trousers.

He was walking in and out of the waiting room, on his mobile phone. As she left the station, she noticed the man follow her out and walked down the Broadway to the number 85 Bus Stop.

While in the queue, she realised the man was standing directly behind her. The man then smoothed his hand down her hair and made suggestive comments towards her.

The bus arrived and the victim got onto the bus. The man tried to follow her, but was refused entry by the bus driver.

PC Lee Duncan investigating comments: “As the incident occurred at a busy bus stop there are many potential witnesses out there still. We are taking the unusual step of releasing this image in a bid to bring forward more information. I would urge the public to study this image and anyone who may recognize this man should contact us. Alternatively, the man on the footage may wish to rule himself out of our enquiries. Anyone with further information should ring police on 01795 419182 or Crimestoppers anonymously quoting crime reference CY/015277/10.”

Maidstone Sex Assault Bus Stop 2

Maidstone Sex Assault Bus Stop 3