Chatham: Jail For Sword Threat Pair

Two men have been jailed after they brandished swords in front of terrified children during a confrontation in Chatham.

 Robert Dewar and Christopher Coburn were sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court following an incident sparked by a child’s toy bumping a car.

The pair emerged with swords from both their homes in Thorold Road on 3 June, after a child’s plastic hula hoop had rolled into Dewar’s vehicle, which was parked on the same street.
In front of other children playing outside they approached the child’s mother and threatened to damage her partner’s car.

Coburn waved a two feet long sword above his head, whilst Dewar was also holding a sword, described as around three and a half feet long. The men returned the swords to their homes when they realised the police had been called but were arrested shortly after and had their weapons seized.
Coburn, 59, was sentenced to 12 months in prison for affray. He was also given an eight month sentence, to be served concurrently, for having an offensive weapon. Coburn had previously pleaded guilty to both offences.
Dewar, 46, was jailed for 8 months after pleading guilty to having an offensive weapon.
Detective Constable Dave Preston said: ‘Although no one was injured this incident happened in full view of a group of children who were playing in the area, many of whom were left very scared and in tears.
"These sentences serve as a reminder to anyone that we will not tolerate violent and aggressive behaviour, whether it occurs within the home or in public."