Children Trapped in Bluewater Lifts

2 children became trapped in lifts in the shopping mall in separate incidents

Bluewater has confirmed to Heart that two unrelated incidents have happened in the past few days.

First aid had to be given in both cases.

Investigations have also been carried out looking at both lifts, and neither lift was found to have any faults.

In a statement Bluewater says;

'However, as safety always remains our top priority we are now exploring additional measures over and above the statutory requirements to hopefully prevent similar accidents happening.

These were unfortunate accidents and we wish both children involved a speedy recovery.

Bluewater has 20 lifts operating within the malls serving the 28 million guests who visit each year. Over the last 12 months only four lift incidents have been reported each of which was investigated at the time, all complied with statutory guidelines and none of which were found to be due to faulty equipment.'