Drug Dealers Jailed

Two drugs dealers are sent to prison

Danny Gallier and Jamie Taylor were each sentenced to two-and-a-half years after appearing at Maidstone Crown Court in separate cases on Monday (13 September).

The court heard that Gallier, 39, of Tamesis Strand, Riverview Park, Gravesend, was watched as he dealt a wrap of cocaine in Harmer Street, Gravesend at around 4.30pm on 24 September 2009. When police searched Gallier and the car he was in, they found £190 cash. He pleaded guilty to one charge of possession with intent to supply drugs.

PC Aaron Watkin, from North Kent's drugs intervention team, said: "It is clear that the courts take seriously any peddling of drugs in our community by the fact that a two-and-a-half year sentence has been imposed for dealing just one wrap of cocaine."

The court also heard how Jamie Taylor's bid to evade officers by clambering over fences and hiding 11 wraps of heroin in long grass failed. Taylor, 25, of Shakespeare Road, Temple Hill, Dartford, was in the passenger seat of a car pulled over by officers from the North Kent drugs intervention team in Henderson Drive at around 12.20pm on 28 May this year.

Taylor, who also pleaded guilty to one charge of possession with intent to supply drugs, said he dealt drugs to fund his own habit.

Detective Sergeant Karl Thomas from North Kent Drugs Intervention Team said: "If people are in trouble with drugs then they should seek medical help. It is not acceptable to deal hard drugs to support a habit and Kent Police will do everything possible to stop this trade."

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