Police Join Forces at Dartford Crossing

Kent and Essex Police are now working together to tackle serious crime across the two counties by setting up a new joint command.

The new Serious Crime Directorate will provide extra resources to tackle serious crime in the South East.

Heart's been told the advantages will be the capability of intelligence 24/7 and more surveillance as the Directorate will be staffed by more than 1100 officers - working together to target those that cause harm to communities in Kent and Essex.

Officers say the Dartford Crossing is a good place to catch criminals as they need to pass through the toll booths to get from one county to the other.  Surveillance operations using Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology will be regularly used to find people involved in serious crime.

Click here to listen to Heart's Charlie O'Brien speaking to ACC Alan Pughsley who is heading up the project

The Chief Executive of the Kent Police Authority, Mr Mark Gilmartin said:
"There will be absolutely no hiding place for serious, career criminals in Kent and Essex. We've now got the people and equipment to rival the very best and biggest Police Forces in the country. This is a hugely significant development for our two Police Authorities and Forces and will deliver real benefits to both our communities."

Chief Constable of Essex, Mr Jim Barker-McCardle, said:
"I am delighted that such talented, committed, and experienced senior officers have been appointed to this new joint command. Their experience, expertise, drive and determination will be key in keeping our communities safe and free from the miseries of serious and organised crime."

Kent Dartford Crossing

ACC Alan Pughsley