Dartford Tolls to Go Up

As part of Government spending cuts - tolls at the Dartford Crossing are going up again

Kent's drivers are facing higher charges at the Dartford Toll Booths.

The rise was announced yesterday (20th October) as part of massive Government spending cuts.

From next year - the tolls will increase £0.50 to £2, and the year after it will go up to £2.50.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said: ``This Government inherited a financial crisis because we were spending more money than the country could afford. That has meant that we have had to look again at every pound that we spend to ensure we get value for money.

``Whilst we have had to make some difficult choices, I am confident that our focus on the long term will ensure that we can continue to build a transport system that supports economic growth and reduces carbon. We have secured investment to allow us to go ahead with important projects such as high speed rail, support for ultra-low carbon cars and major road building and public transport programmes."