Dartford Tolls Rise

It will now cost you more to use the Dartford River crossing.

Toll charges have gone up  50p to £2 for car drivers,  drivers of light goods vehicles will have to pay £2.50 instead of  £2.00 and heavy vehicles will now be charged £5.00 - up from £3.70.

The Crossing remains free for motorcyclists and discounts will continue for local residents and DART-Tag account holders who pay in advance. Any vehicle using the crossing between 10pm and 6am can continue to do so for free.

The new charges were due to come into effect at the end of last year, but were delayed following a public consultation. The Roads Minister at the time, Mike Penning said they will help deliver a package of extensive improvements to tackle congestion and improve journey times for road users at the Crossing.

He said: "The Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing is a vital piece of transport infrastructure, but upgrades need to be made. To do that, we need to start planning now for the future.

"That's why we are introducing free-flow charging by the autumn 2014 and currently analysing the options for a new crossing in the Lower Thames area.

"The money raised will help us prioritise investment for much needed improvements to increase capacity and reduce journey times."

This is the first of two planned changes to the charges that was previously announced in May 2012. A second increase will be made when free-flow charging is introduced when the cost to travel by car will increase to £2.50, by 2 axle vehicles to £3 and by heavy goods vehicles to £6.

Among those against the charges (not just the rise) is the Conservative MP for Dartford, Gareth Johnson.

Gareth Johnson MP on Dartford Tunnel