Diver Rescued From Channel

A diver has been rescued from a shipping lane in the English Channel after he was discovered in the water shouting for help.

The man was spotted by a passing boat in the Dover Strait, near the Sandettie South West Buoy on Wednesday afternoon.

The crew called the Dover Coastguard who immediately sent an RAF Rescue helicopter and the RNLI lifeboats from Walmer and Dover, to the scene. Dover Coastguard also broadcast a warning to vessels in the area.

About 20 minutes later the Coastguard was told by a dive boat in the area that their diver was missing.

As the Walmer lifeboat reached the area where the diver had been seen, Edenborg, the merchant vessel which had heard the alert and was keeping a look out, told Dover Coastguard that they could see a person in the water in front of their ship.

The Edenborg slowed down to help and was able to guide the Walmer lifeboat crew as they rescued the diver from the shipping lane.

The dive boat confirmed the man was their missing diver and they were reunited before returning to Dover Harbour safe and well, escorted by Dover lifeboat.

Sarah Bray, Dover Coastguard watch manager, said: "We're not sure how the diver came to be adrift in the shipping lane but he was lucky to be spotted by such a large vessel and rescued so quickly.

"The diver was diving solo and wearing the correct equipment for this time of year but we were unaware that a dive was taking place in our area. Divers are advised to make the Coastguard aware of their plans at the start of a dive operation for their own safety.''