DNA on Beer Can Leads to Conviction

1 April 2010, 09:07 | Updated: 1 April 2010, 09:14

DNA found on a beer can has been used to help convict two men who tried to rob a man in Chatham.

The 54 year-old was collecting newspaper money along King Edward Road last July when he was hit over the head with a brick, causing a 3 inch gash.

Witnesses reported seeing the men drinking shortly before it happened and police found one of the empty cans nearby, it was then tested for DNA.

Terry Williams, who is 30 and from Boundary Road in Chatham, and 35 year-old Matthew Macleod from Strover Street in Gillingham pleaded guilty and were jailed for 32 months each.

Investigating officer PC Claire Hammond said:  ‘If it wasn’t for the DNA evidence found on one can of beer and the eye witnesses accounts from residents it would have been difficult to get a conviction on this case.  Incidents such as this prove how valuable DNA evidence can be to secure positive outcomes.  That one can of beer turned out to be the difference in this case.

‘Williams may have thrown the brick, but both men were responsible for the attempted robbery and we are pleased that they have been given prison sentences.  This was a mindless act, which left an innocent man with a serious head injury. 

‘I would like to thank all of those who helped with the police investigation.  The support of residents and the witness statements they provided helped to make sure that both men were rightfully convicted.’