Download Halloween Poster

Download your poster to say no to trick or treaters here

Kent Police have given us a poster for Kent residents to place in their windows and on doors over the Halloween weekend to discourage trick or treaters.

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Here is advice from Kent Police about Halloween:

Respect your neighbours
‘Don’t let your children call on houses or people that they do not know. They should only call on people they do know, who are expecting them. Some areas and estates now have residents’ agreements that children from the area will only call at houses where a pre-arrangement has been made or there is a note in the window saying they are welcome to call. This can be a really effective way of residents working together positively.

Accompy children at night
'That said, we would ask people to also look out for posters in windows asking trick-or-treaters not to call - please respect these people’s wishes.'

'It’s also important to remind parents and carers not to allow children to walk around unsupervised in the dark, they should always be accompanied by a responsible adult. ‘We want everyone to enjoy the festivities but to respect others at the same time.'

Top safety tips
Parents, carers and trick-or-treaters should always remember the basic safety messages:

Children should not be encouraged to call on strangers, particularly on dark evenings.
Young children should always have an adult with them and make sure they remain visible in the dark, particularly when crossing the road, staying in well-lit areas where possible.
Only call at houses when you know the people who live there won’t mind.
Respect people’s wishes – if there is a notice asking you not to call, then please don’t.

Trick or Treat Poster