Family Play Tribute To Motorcyclist

Luke Leary was killed in an accident on the A228 on Wednesday June 13th. This is the tribute released by his family

Our son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin and friend Luke Leary was tragically taken from our lives last Wednesday afternoon. Luke died doing what he loved; riding his motorbike.

Luke was the most exceptional person with an enormous sprit for life, enjoyment, speed and exhilaration.

Luke although only 24 years old lived life to the maximum, his 24 years on this earth were filled with more excitement than most of us will experience in our life time.

Luke was a talented photographer and awesome web designer and a bit of a geek for audio visual & technology, he was a determined young man with a wicked sense of humour that some people may not have understood, but if you understood Luke you became a life time friend.

Luke's life has not been a bed of roses he hated school and spent some time being home tutored, which cut him off from the world for a while although he did meet a very special friend during this time. This friend told us only yesterday, that Luke made life so much better for him and that Luke shaped him into the person he is today. As a teenager Luke devoted his time to online gaming and web design which he continued with into his adult years.

Luke's passion for motorbikes started at a very young age 3 if my memory serves me correctly, when we finally gave in to his request to have a real motorbike and brought him a peewee 50, which 30 seconds after riding it for the first time got off and stated that it didn't go fast enough, we had the restrictor removed so he could go that much faster and that was it, the infatuation and enthusiasm for becoming a biker happen right at that moment, the elation shown by the most amazing smile.

Luke got a scooter at 16 and upgraded from then on to bigger, better, flasher and faster bikes riding each and everyone to its max and spending lots of time on just one wheel, he was such a skilful rider that rode with such courage and talent. Luke used to say bikes are so amazing, I wish I could explain to people that don't understand.

Luke's other love was that of his car, the scrupulous hours of dedication and investment that Luke put into his pride and joy, showed what a conscientious and meticulous person he was. He drove his car like his bikes hard and fast.

Luke's worship for his bikes and cars made him vulnerable first it was a broken arm, then another, in 2007 he was hit by a car and knock off his bike, the car crushing him against a post causing bad liver damage he spent 3 months in hospital on this occasion.

In 2008 Luke was a victim of a violent assault causing him immense pain and loss of vision to one eye, the person that carried out this attack was never found and charged. Luke underwent numerous operations that were on going, he showed such great bravery.

Luke's stability in life came from his Nan she loved him more than I can express; she waited on him like a servant but would have never had it any other way.  Although Luke and Rebecca his beautiful sister didn't always see eye to eye, he would have never have let anyone hurt her and she is going to miss his consistant windups.
Luke we will miss you our darling boy, your sprit will live on forever, we will never let your memory die. I hope you know how much we love you and how so very very proud of you we are. The highways of Heaven have no hard landings son, go for it.