Kent Mum Wins Cancer Drug Battle

29 April 2010, 09:15 | Updated: 29 April 2010, 12:43

A Kent mum has been told she can now get the cancer drug she needs on the NHS.

Nikki Phelps, 37, who lives near Gravesend has been paying £100 a day for the tablets which help to shrink tumours that grow around her body because of a rare form of cancer.

The mum of two year-old twins had previously been told she couldn't get the drug on the NHS, but now the health trust has done a u-turn after reviewing her case.

Earlier this month, Nikki told Heart how she may have to sell her house and business continue paying for the treatment.

Friends she met at a mother and baby group after having her two boys had also set up a fundraising campaign and made more than £6000.

A spokesman for NHS West Kent said:

"After reviewing the current application for the cancer treatment Sunitinib, NHS West Kent has decided to fund the drug in this case."

Deborah Ferrara from the campaign group set up for Nikki emailed Heart: "-->-->I am writing on behalf of Nikki & Bill and they are absolutely delighted with the result of the PCT appeal.

"As a group we are so happy that the funding will now be given to Nikki, it will take away the worry on a financial basis and help Nikki concentrate on getting well."