Man Charged After Officer Hurt

A man has been charged after a police officer was hit by a car and left unconscious in the road in Tunbridge Wells.

The policeman ended up on the bonnet of the car after he approached a motorist while on patrol in Springfield Road, Southborough on December 9.

The car failed to stop and the officer's colleague and a member of the public ran after it. They found him lying unconscious in the road about 300 metres away.

He was taken to hospital and released the following day.

30-year-old Stephen John Fahri of Janny's Close, Aylsham, Norwich has been charged with GBH with intent to resist arrest, dangerous driving, theft, making off without payment and common assault.

A 30-year-old woman from Beckenham, arrested on suspicion of harbouring a criminal, has been bailed pending further enquiries until 14 February