Hythe Hotel Suspect

Police investigating an attempted robbery at a Kent hotel are appealing for help to fill in the five missing hours in the movements of their suspect.

The man allegedly threatened staff at the Hythe Imperial Hotel on the morning of September 28th. He is also reported to have produced a gun as he demand money and then told staff there was a bomb in the building.

The hotel was evacuated and specialist officers called in to carry out a thorough search of the venue and the surrounding area. No device was found. The hotel was declared safe at 6pm that evening.

An hour after the incident, at 11.30am police say the man was given a lift from South Road in Hythe to the area of the Aldi store in Bank Street. He was later seen by witnesses knocking on doors Rampart Road at around 4.30pm.

Detective Inspector Emma Banks said: "The information from new witnesses reveals that the man remained in the Hythe area following the attempted robbery at the hotel.

"Where was he from 11.30am until 4.30pm? Was he sitting in a pub or a café? Was he with somebody? Where did he go after Rampart Road?

"We need to trace this man and we feel sure that someone must have seen him or was with him who has not yet come forward."

The man is described as a 55-70 year old white man, 5 ft 6 ins to 5 ft 10 ins tall, medium build, grey receding hair, gold hooped earring, tanned complexion, blue eyes.

He was wearing a beige raincoat, dark coloured trousers (possibly cords) a smart shirt, smart black shoes, which were leather in appearance. The man was carrying a dark coloured bag with handle and strap. He was seen to smoke a cigarette.

It is believed that the man could be from north Devon as he had a knowledge of the Ilfracombe area.

Anyone who knows the man or has information about his whereabouts is asked to ring Kent Police on 101, quoting 28-449.