Kent; Commissioner Candidates Spending Revealed

Candidates in the elections for police and crime commissioners spent a total of £2.1 million in the final four weeks before the polls, figures have shown.

The 191 hopefuls paid out an average of £11,220 in the month before the elections in November, during which time spending and donations over £50 were monitored.

Data published by the Electoral Commission showed that the candidate who spent most was Craig MacKinlay in Kent, paying out £98,751.46 for a campaign that was ultimately unsuccessful. The winning candidate, Ann Barnes, spent £64,676.

Most would-be PCCs came in under the spending limit for their force area, with 70% of candidates spending under 10% of the limit for their region, and none spent more than half the maximum.

The highest spending limit was in the West Midlands force area at £357,435, but the seven candidates spent a combined total of just £58,395.20.

The next highest spending limits were £356,204 in Greater Manchester, £303,303 in Thames Valley and £287,255 in West Yorkshire, the Electoral Commission said.

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott racked up a £23,485.55 bill, with the eventual Humberside PCC Matthew Grove spending slightly more at £28,293.90.

Their rival, Ukip candidate Godfrey Bloom, spent £40,749.89 on his campaign which saw him come third in the polls.