Kent Conmen Jailed for 7 Years

Two men who conned the vulnerable and elderly are sent to prison for total of 7 years

On 4th June 2010 Moses Mead (25) of Springhead Road, Northfleet, Gravesend pleaded guilty to eleven counts of fraud by misrepresentation and Christopher James Latty (38) of Victoria Street, Gillingham pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by misrepresentation. These offences took place between 2007 and 2010.  

Mead was sentenced to four years. Latty was sentenced to three years.

The men were arrested in Cambridge by Kent Police on Thursday 14 January 2010 in connection with incidents that took place at various locations in Kent, London, Hertfordshire and Cambridge following a complex investigation led by detectives in West Kent and the Serious and Organised Crime Unit. All of their victims were tricked into paying for costly and unnecessary building work. The victims included:

·         A man in his 60s from Bexleyheath who was tricked into handing over a total of £522,000.00

·         An 82 year-old man from Medway who was tricked into handing over £230,000.00

·         A 79 year-old woman from Plumstead who handed over £14,500.00 for works to her roof timbers that were never replaced

·         An 82 year-old woman from the Chatham area who handed over £9,275.00

·         A 73 year-old woman from London who paid £20,000.00 for roofwork that was never carried out

Det Con Paul Walker of Tonbridge CID said: 'This was a lengthy and complex investigation that involved the gathering of evidence from across the south east from a large number of elderly and vulnerable victims often in difficult and sensitive conditions. Many of the victims have lost their entire life savings and have been denied financial security in their twilight years because of one man's greed. All the victims were targeted due to their age and vulnerability in a most calculated and callous way.

‘Police advice is never let people you don’t know, and are not expecting, into your home. Remember STOP, CHAIN, CHECK. Use the door bar or chain before you open the door and always ask to see identification. Check the caller is genuine by ringing the organisation they say they are from. If a caller is genuine they will understand the need to check and will not mind waiting. If you have suspicions ring the police. We will always respond and I urge the elderly – if you are not sure don't open the door.’

Mead, Moses

Moses Mead




Latty, Christopher

Christopher Latty