Kent; Predictive Policing Patrols On The Street

Our officers are taking to the street today in an international predictive policing day of action, which is supported by latest crime prevention campaign, 'It Takes Seconds'.

Whilst our own officers will be patrolling mapped out zones throughout the county, officers across the Atlantic in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz will also be carrying out similar activity.

Throughout the day we'll be explaining more about how we're using the new technology in Kent as well as posting real-time results from our officers. To follow the action check out #PredPol on Twitter.

Intelligence-led crime predictions
Our day of action aims to showcase the effectiveness of using predictive policing, an intelligence-led computer system predicting where crime is most likely to occur.

The system uses crime data to map out policing zones pin-pointing where an officer should concentrate their time and patrols. Whenever possible the officer will police that zone looking for crime or insecurities in properties which can be dealt with.

Increasing community safety
Predictive policing, which has brought down crime rates in parts of the USA by up to 17 per cent, was introduced into Kent in December 2012. It is an evidence-based tactic to support crime reduction and increase community safety.
Predictive Policing is a natural extension of intelligence-led policing methods pioneered by Kent Police and analyses data to identify those locations where crime and anti-social behaviour are most likely to occur.

Reduction in street violence in north Kent
Using advanced mathematics and analysis of human behaviour along with historic crime data, it is more sophisticated than 'hot spot' policing and intelligence-led tactics.
The system was piloted in the North Kent Division and the successes on the area led to it being rolled out force-wide in April this year. The four-month trial of 'predpol' in the North Division initially resulted in a reduction in street violence.

'It Takes Seconds...' campaign
Whilst officers are out catching offenders, this day of action is also supported by our It Takes Seconds... campaign which highlights simple measures for residents to take to better protect themselves against crime.
Over the last few weeks we've been using our social media channels to show how specific crimes, that are known to increase at this time of year, are being carried out. In doing so, residents now know what to look out for and how to report suspicious activity to us.

Videos and top tips
To find out more about our latest campaign and to watch our short videos showing you how distraction thieves are targeting victims as well how you can better protect your home and secure your vehicle, visit our campaign advice section.
Residents can also keep up-to-date with the latest advice and recent crime online - follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.