Kent Racing Driver on Road to Recovery

19 July 2010, 12:08 | Updated: 19 July 2010, 12:26

A Kent racing driver who was injured in a massive crash during a race in America is already training to get back behind the wheel just seven weeks after it happened.

Mike Conway from Sevenoaks suffered a badly broken leg and compression fracture to a vertebrae when his car hit another then smashed into a wall during the Indianapolis 500 at the end of May.

After having surgery in the states, he returned to the UK at the end of June to carry on his rehabilitation and is working with a team of experts from across the country.

Mike was able to remove a neck brace he's had to wear at the end of last month and has also been having Kriotherapy in a rehabilitation chamber to speed up the healing process in his left leg.


It means he has to endure temperatures as low as -130 degrees for up to four minutes at a time.

He's also been able to have a go at racing again, in a simulator.

“It is great to be back in the cockpit after the accident seven weeks ago.  This was the first day my left foot is out of plaster and the first time I put weight on it so I was surprised how well I could hit the brakes.  I am pleased to say that it is all there and I have feeling in my foot and it felt good;” said Mike.

“The simulator is very realistic and you can really feel the rear tyres working, which is hard to incorporate into a simulator. It gives realistic feel and good feedback, both when shifting up through the gears, and the motion cues are excellent under braking and through high speed corners. It is a good circuit and not easy to get right, you have to work the car and push hard to get a competitive lap time;” continued Mike.