Kent Repossession Risk

More people in Kent and Medway had their homes repossessed last year than anywhere else in the south east according to Homeless charity Shelter.

Of the 25,000 properties across the region taken back by the banks, a quarter or 6,400 of those were in Kent.

Nationally, nearly one out of every 100 households faces the threat of eviction by a landlord or mortgage lender, with areas with high unemployment the worst affected. London, Manchester, Slough and Peterborough have the highest eviction risk rates.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: "As Christmas approaches, this research paints a frightening picture of thousands of families living every day with the fear of losing their home hanging over their heads.

"A third of people are already struggling with their housing costs or falling behind on payments. In these unforgiving conditions, it only takes one thing - illness, job loss or relationship breakdown - to lead to things spiralling out of control and into homelessness."