Baby Goats Named Vuvu and Zela

Two kid goats are making so much noise at Kent Life farm park they've been named Vuvu and Zela!

When the pair were born eight weeks ago they were being kept close to the office in Kent Life's 'nursery' paddock so staff could keep an eye on their progress but have since been moved to another part of the 28 acre site to give everyone some peace and quiet.

So they have been called Vuvu and Zela after the very noisy horns being blown by fans at the World Cup in South Africa.

John Jordan, Director at Kent Life, commented; "We have been breeding goats at the farm for more than 20 years but never have we had a pair quite so noisy. We suspect that they are getting into the World Cup spirit but unfortunately, unlike the coverage of the World Cup, we don't have a red button to drown out the sound when we want to!"

Kent Life Vuvu & Zela


Vuvu and Zela