Kent Toucans Play Ker Plunk!

Rare Toco Toucans at Leeds Castle have learned to play Ker Plunk to stop them from getting bored.

Leeds Castle’s rare Toco Toucans have learnt to play a specially designed version of ‘Ker Plunk’ at the Leeds Castle Aviary near Maidstone, Kent as part of a programme to help enrich the lives of the colourful birds.

The game was designed by a member of the castle’s aviary team, Mairee Vincent

Mairee explains, “The Toucan Ker Plunk provides an activity for the birds which helps maintain an active lifestyle and also provides enrichment to the environment they live in.”

She continues, “The device requires the birds to solve a problem. They need to work out how to remove the chopsticks from the suspended tube in order for their favourite fruit to drop down and fall to the floor, whereupon they can eat it.” You can watch the toucans enjoying their game on You Tube.

Leeds Castle Toucan