Maidstone Estate gets Spring Clean

30 April 2010, 06:05

People living on an estate in Maidstone have been getting involved in cleaning it up.

They helped out by picking up litter from the streets in Park Wood, after saying it's one of the biggest problems with the area that needs to be sorted out.

Almost 500 residents took part in a project between November last year and March to tell people at the local council what needed to be done with the area and what they were most worried about.

They came up with 2,300 ideas and issues which included young people hanging around, drinking problems and people being afraid to go out at night.

People were then able to vote on their top five high priority, short term actions, they were:

  • litter campaign
  • lollipop patrol crossings
  • schools and families / community tree planting day
  • restorative justice projects involving young people
  • new measures to tackle noisy neighbours anonymously and set up job club

The recent litter pick started six months of work that will be done on the Estate.