Mum and Daughter Stabbed by Syringe

9 July 2010, 10:51 | Updated: 9 July 2010, 11:07

A mum and her daughter have had tests in hospital after being stabbed by a syringe the little girl found on a Kent beach.

Samantha Chivers and her daughter Dulcie, who're from Faversham, were spending Sunday at Seasalter when the six year-old discovered the needle as she played on the pebbles.

After going to their GP the pair were sent to hospital and were tested for Hepititis - doctors are also checking the needle but it'll take weeks for any results to come back.

Workers from Canterbury City Council seared the beach as soon as they heard what had happened and have told Heart that it is cleaned twice a week.

Head of Environment Services Larissa Laing said: “The council was saddened to hear of this incident. We understand it must have been very distressing and send our best wishes to Miss Chivers and her daughter.

“Reports of needles in public places are a priority for us, wherever they are found. Our first call about this was received on Tuesday morning and we immediately arranged for our contractor to go to Seasalter beach and search the area for any more needles.

“Seasalter beach is currently cleaned twice a week, which is a suitable frequency for what is classed as a rural beach. However, as a stone beach, it is simply not possible to turn over every single pebble across such a wide area to see what is underneath them. And although we clean as thoroughly as possible, we can’t stop people throwing litter straight after cleaning has finished either.

“This incident has also been reported to our community safety unit, which keeps records of needle finds and works with our police partners to spot trends, tackle problem areas and identify perpetrators.

"Anybody who finds a needle on public open space should report it on 0800 031 9091 immediately and our contractor will clean it away as a matter of urgency."